Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20th.

Aren't I one handsome dude? The nation got a new president and I got a bath, haircut and my nails trimmed. The only thing is............I need a sweater. My heavy fur coat is gone. Mom can't find mine. Oops.

Raven got her first steroid shot this evening. Bob wanted to give it to her and I most certainly did not want to take that chore away from him. I can do it but its not the favorite thing I do. I probably will end up doing it some days but not today.

It was so cold today. My car sure took a long time for the windows to thaw out this morning when I took Skeeter to Airway Heights for his new do today. Bob will drive it tomorrow so I will be stuck again.

My mood is kind of on the brink today and I don't know why. Probably not enough sleep last night. I did not want to miss any of the inaguration today so I got up to watch it. Me and not enough sleep are not good partners. So that is where I am off to.

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