Monday, August 5, 2013

The top picture is at our nature walk in Ketchican.  But, alas, we did not see any.  I wanted to.

The bottom picture is an eagle landing on a tower in Juneau I believe.  They are so majestic.  Loved watching them.

Today I had Justin for a while so his mom and dad could take their dogs to the vet.  Callie is due to have puppies this week.  They did an ultra sound and there is either 12 or 13 puppies in there.  They will be busy with puppies for sure.  Hope she can sell them easily.

We returned Marilyn's horse trailer this afternoon.  We appreciate so much being able to use it.  It was lighter to pull and it is a bumper pull so we could get the hay on the truck.  It was a blessing for sure.  I did hear from Julie today that Sage is doing good.  I hope they send a picture soon.

Today I got a call from my cardiologist's office saying I had an appointment on Wednesday.  I know I did not make it and have another appointment on Wednesday.  I cancelled it.  She said it was a 3 month check and I don't know what they are checking.  I cancelled it anyway.  I have never had to go that often since my first bruha 10 years ago. 

It was hot and muggy today.  It rained hard for about 1 minute.  Than it was hot and really muggy.