Monday, May 3, 2010

65 mph Wind

The picture of the day was Down Low. The first picture that came to my mind was the picture of Sages large feet. So that's my picture of the day.
No other pictures today. The wind blew today. Did it blow. I seems to be dieing down some now but it blew up to 65 MPH. Tomorrow we will have to go out and see what damage happened today on the farm and pick up all the stuff the blew in. Things are a mess out there.
A tarp blew in from somewhere, not ours. I know the cow shed roof is half off.
Bob started a new shift today. Noon until 9. I don't like it much. I don't know what he will do about chores or the dogs while I am in Mississippi and Tennessee. He will figure it out I am sure. I leave a week from tomorrow.
Most of today was spent wrapped in a blanket reading. A perfect day for that.