Monday, August 11, 2008

0 0 0 0 0 0 Days to go.

Well here it is. We leave early tomorrow morning. We have had a very busy day. Getting everything ready. Just have the food to pack and the ice chests ready and my "show clothes" ironed and hung in the trailer and I am going to go to bed and put my head under the pillow. I am tired.
Sierra was not good today. She did the obstacle things very well today and that was OK. However she did not want a bath, did not like it and was mad at me for doing it. I tried to lead her to the front lawn for some pictures and she bucked and tried to jerk free. Did get a couple but not what I wanted. Oh well, she will be pretty tired tomorrow evening when we get to Burns. So will we.
I will not have Internet access in Reno. Don't have a laptop. I will probably be be back on Monday the l8Th. For all my sponsors, friends, family I can't say thank you loud enough or long enough. You are all very important to me. THANK YOU.