Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 It has been a while since so many of Bob's family has been together.  These are our nieces - Lorraine in blue, Madeline in the floral and Jeannine in the black jacket.  Their mother was Bob's sister.  She died in l982.  They have 2 brothers.
Bob's brother Lynn.  I did not realize that he mostly uses a walker but he gets around well with that assistance.  He doesn't look much like Bob.  He is tall, Bob is not.  He was blond, Bob was not.  Neither have a lot of hair now.
Our beautiful granddaughter Nicolette.  She has been Nikki until recently and now she wants to be Neddy.  She is over visiting with her mother for a while.  She made some decisions last year that were not the best and she is learning that life catches up with you.  She is a tiny little thing at 19.

I walked my five miles today but went a little farther and my legs are yelling at me.  I am proud of myself.  I walked with our neighbor Teresa.  It was fun to have someone to chat with.  She walks fast like Nikki and I had to keep pushing myself.  We did meet a neighbor that we didn't know.  Her name is Leisel.  She seems like a lonely person and I must go and stop in to really visit with her.

Bob is working part time for our farmer friend in Deer Park and he was cultivating today and did not get home until late so I did the horse chores.  It was good to talk to them and hear them talk to me.  Peanut Butter is in a pen by himself because he suddenly had no respect for the electric fences.  He is coming 3, half mustang and half thoroughbred.  At the moment he is really lanky.  We need to find him a home.  I am sure we would give him to someone who would like him and be a good home.  We rescued him and now someone needs to rescue us.  LOL

I wish our cold wind would go somewhere else.  It makes it feel cooler outside than it really is.