Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

The ugly porch as it sits today. I hope we can go pick out the windows on Saturday. That should help some don't you think. That and the siding.

Well today is Thankful Tuesday. I intended to write about Christyn but I will do that next week. Today I am thankful for being alive. Tonight I was eating dinner and a piece of baked potatoe went into my windpipe like a plug. I felt it settle in and I started gasping. I could get no air. Bob said my lips were blue and my hands were turning blue when it was over and I was still gasping but getting a little air. Bob did the hymlick (however you spell it) thing. It did not pop out like I thought it was supposed to but dislodged it enough to get a little air. I was losing consiousness, I knew. I really thought I was going to die. Bob was frantic and I was fighting him, just trying to live I guess. It was awful. When I finally got a little air, he had me sit in a chair and lean foreward. I am still coughing and my ribs hurt like heck. I know now why you don't practice on a person.. Bob is so sorry for hurting me but he probably saved my life. So on this Tuesday evening I am thankful to be living.

Until I got dinner, I spent most of the day outside. Lots of stuff for the garbage and lots of stull in the burn pile. AND, Katie and I went for a little ride this afternoon. I rode Pepper because it was Abby's first trail ride with Katie riding and she is a timid rider. I wanted to be on a horse I could pony off of if I needed too. I never have ponied off Dixie. No need anyway, Katie and Abby did great and Pepper and I ambled along enjoying the warm day. We came back and worked a little in the arena. I wanted to get used to sitting a trot decently and to work over some of the poles. Katie followed me on Abby. She went over the logs and bridge and everything I knew that she would. Its Katie, not Abby but she is getting more relaxed.

I am going to try to get into bed and relax. Not a good evening. Bob went to Walla Walla today and he does not have to travel tomorrow. I am glad. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Don't choke on any potatoes.