Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sad day

My sweet pet Oliver died sometime in the night. He was a sweetheart of a goat and I loved him. He was about 11. I can't remember just the exact year I got him. I will miss his antics around here. He kept things interesting.

We saw this little group of deer on the way to church. There were more but they all didn't fit into my lens.

Mr. Bald Eagle.

He was sitting watching the swans. When we came home from church he was circling overhead.

The last three swans swimming in the wheat field. They are so beautiful. Wish I knew where they were headed for.

The Huckleberry Mountains north and west of us. Just thought they were so pretty up there in the morning sun.

No pictures of Sage today. She has not been worked with enough. The weather has not cooperated. I took her on a little walk about and she thought the tractor was going to eat her alive and she jumped sideways and banged my ankle up. Its large and purple. She didn't get away from me though. We did do some grooming. They are all shedding like mad.

I hope your weekend was good.