Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3, 2015

Kind of a dreary day with just a tiny bit of new snow.  More is supposed to fall in the morning and then rain the rest of the week.  Doesn't that just sound like jolly fun.  Wrong.

We really are getting to the living room.  Everything but the couch is moved in to the dining room.  Tazzy the cat is really confused what is going on.  She walks around with a puzzled expression, climbs on stuff and acts pretty silly.  The dogs just say oh well, as long as their blankets are on the couch.  Maggie just lays in her bed observing. 

Bob just went out to feed our "dependents".  The donks are really telling him to hurry up and Sage is banging on the panel by their feeder with her front foot.  I think she thinks she is ringing the dinner bell.

Nothing much else today.