Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun In The Sun

My sweet Uncle Lyle who is 96 today. Love him so much. He lives in Portland at the moment but will be moving up to the Puyallup area soon. He needs some assisted living. He is such a character and has such a sweet spirit.
Part of our herd. The second one is the only one that is not a mustang. My old paint mare was not out with them until today and my Rosie pony was lagging behind.

Our grandsons doing a chore grandpa gave them. They petered out in the heat and have not gotten back to it. No one can blame them, it was 98 here today.

I rode first thing this morning before it got unbearable. She is so soft and some QH people I know spend a lot of time getting the level headset that is natural for her.

Backing up is no biggy, no gaping mouth, just step step backwards.

Katie came and babysat me while I was riding today. She took pictures but not the best of positions for me. They are good pictures of us, just me doing things not quite right at that moment. Oh well, I am getting back into the swing of things. Bob will be home tomorrow so he can see how well we are doing.

This afternoon I went and got one of our great grand daughters - Arawyn. She wanted to see Lane and Isaac and spend the night. I always know where she is, shes a screamer. We love her so much and don't get to see her often.

So its time to get the herd off the pasture for the night, Bob just got home from mowing hay all day and he looks exhausted. So much dust in his eyes that he is red eyed. He stood in the shower for a long time. So it will be up to me to get the horses in. Thats OK. Maybe Lane can help me.

Blessings to you all.