Tuesday, May 15, 2012

R is for...............

R if for RIDER.

At least I think I am.

I started out at 6 years old with a big old white mare.

They got me a horse because I had been asking for one for years, and while waiting decided to ride the milk cows.I saddled them up and rode them at a walk trot and gallop. One day my horse showed up and Daddy got his dairy cows back. That is a true tale.

Today I worked with Sage. When I took her out of the pasture she began just dragging me. I was so frustrated. Where did my sweet Sagee go. All the time in the round pen when I got her there, she could not have been better.

This morning Bob had an errand up on Greenbluff and I had him drop me off at Best buy which was right in the way. I went in and told them what I wanted and they fixed me right up. I was on schedule for an upgrade. I did not want a smart phone. just what I can talk or text on.