Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pepper has a new best friend.

I meant for the pictures to be in opposite order but OH well. I know there is a way to put them with what I write but don't know how. I need a computer guru to walk me thru it. I don't do from directions very well. Need to do it.
Pepper has a new very best friend. It is Bubba. I am glad its going to be a while till Bubba goes to freezer camp. We about split laughing at them. The hot wire obviously was not working. They stood there like that until we put him in the barn with the 2 mares. Maybe that is why we have never been able to chase cows on him. He just won't do it. I tried to move some bulls on him once and he just walked up to them and stood there and the bulls just stood there. LOL.
The top picture is our Maggie. She is a happy dog. We put her on a cable at night or if we leave but the rest of the time she has the run of the place. When it turned so cold we tried putting her in the barn. There are lots of places for her to curl up in and be comfortable, BUT she dug out the first 2 nights we tried it and went to her igloo up by the house so we just put her on the cable now and let her be where she wants to be. She has a good bed in there. We are afraid the coyotes will cause her to go looking away from here at night so we cable her.
The other picture is a fluffy quail sitting on the gate to next door. When we used to have the chickens free range and fed them outside the barn on the ground, they came and ate with the chickens. When we penned the chickens up because something was eating them they quit coming around. Also we have more barn cats at the moment. People keep dumping pregnant cats off out here. Some survive, some don't. We feed them but don't baby them like Trouble our house kitty.
My living room is now all spic and span and decorated for the holidays. I am done sewing and crafting until after New years. Then I have a quilt top to sew. Have a granddaughter waiting for hers.
One of our grandsons from in town was supposed to come out and stay for a couple of days but his mom didn't bring him. He needs to spend some time with his grandpa. He is nearly 13 and boys that age need a man sometimes. Will talk to his mom in the morning.
If you don't read Serenity Room blog, you should. She is so inspirational. I read several blogs but that one is high on my list.
A long day, still cold, and Christmas is getting close. Love the season despite all my whining earlier in the month. As I sit here at the computer, it is -2. More snow predicted for tomorrow. With this cold weather snow is a good insulator though and will help things out. At least that is what Bob told me. My masked marvel from yesterday.

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