Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oink 1,2 or 3.  4 is all white.  LOL.  This is the picture that wouldn't load last time I blogged.  They are friendly, how ever smelly little guys. 

No baby horse yet.  My neighbor Shannon thinks she has about 5 days to go.  I trust her, however, I will keep following my gut and checking on her.  And mule babies usually are a little late.  So with that in mind, mother nature is in control.

There is a possibility that Bob's surgery may be postponed.  He has come down with a cold.  He is talking to the dr.'s office today.  It is not serious but will keep him quiet for 6 weeks.  At least that is what the doctor says. 

We have had awful wind.  If it isn't with us today, I am going to work with Sage.  Enough is enough.  Marilyn can't come so, Lea, get off your butt and do it yourself.



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poor Rosie.  she is so round and so cranky.  Her little udder is stretched as tight as a drum but she isn't waxing yet.  In the past she has foaled in the worst weather possible and that might be the case tomorrow with 50 to 60 mph winds and colder weather forcasted.

I had other pictures to post of a couple of things.  One is of the pigs Bob bought yesterday.  He named them but I call them Oink 1,2,3, and 4. 

I will try to keep you all posted about Rosie's progress but Bob is having surgery on Thursday so it is going to be a very busy week. 

For those who are coming to my birthday ride on May 19 at Liberty Lake - and you are all welcome.  Bob has changed my mind.  Still bring a light lunch.  Considering Bob will not be able to ride, he and Dave are going to be bbqing burgers when we get back.  The will try to time it so it will be ready to put them on the grill when we get back.  So, if you want to bring something to go with hamburgers, it will be potluck.  We will bring the hamburgers.  If you don't want to ride, come out to the Liberty Lake horse trail head and eat with us and we will fellowship together.  How else would I want to spend my 75th. birthday.  Please be praying for nice weather but rain or shine, I will be riding.



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 This is out our front door two nights ago.  It was exceptionally beautiful  I love our sunsets this time of year especially.
 A quite pregnant Rosie.  I was poking around her belly this morning and she didn't like it much.
 Her bag does not look big but it feels larger than it looks and its pretty tight.  I will give her another week or so.
And Pepper.  He is a good ole boy most of the time but a few weeks ago when Nikki was here he tried to buck her off.  I am glad she is as good a rider as she is.  He is so fat. 

Those two we can tie out with a hay string if need be.  Not Sage though so she has the pasture to herself.  That is upsetting her I think. 

I am trying to walk and get back towards 10,000 steps a day but yesterday I wore a pair of shoes to the Line Dancing class that I go to and they made a big blister on my big toe.  Now I am limping around.  Hope to get more things accomplished today and at least half that many steps.  The class is fun.  We have "learned" 3 dances.  I put that in quotes because it might be stretching it some.  I have one pretty good, the second one kind of and the third on not so much.  I am going to have to figure out what the directions mean.  I did it when I could watch the teacher.  Its good exercise if nothing else.  Almost a thousand steps for one hour.  Mostly in the last half and hour.  I was sweating.

We were going on a ride this weekend but we are not going to.  Bob is having surgery on Thursday and his belly hurts when he rides so we gave that up.  There will be another when he feels good again.  He is working about 6 days a week for Bob Gish at Deer Park and is tired.  He is not working today for him but hauled goats down to the auction for Shannan and may buy some wiener pigs.  At least he is doing a lot of sitting.

Yesterday my washing machine died.  We just paid for the refrigerator - I wonder what is next. 

I made bird feeders yesterday.  I saw them on Pinterest.  Toilet paper rolls (cardboard centers) covered with peanut butter and wild bird seed.  I hung them out and my hummers feeders but haven't seen a sign of any.  Oh well.  They will I hope. 



Friday, April 19, 2013

Forty three years ago last Monday we had a baby girl that only lived five days.  Even though it was that long ago, I never forget her birthday and these are her flowers.  Love the smell of the roses.  Not a big deal I guess but it is in my heart.
Today was my only Justin day this week.  He really can make that walker go - backwards.  He is getting froward motion but it is not as fast as backwards.  What a little character.

Bob is getting the pen ready for Rosie to foal in.  I have her due date around May 5 but could be a week before.  She was with the jack for a month.  I am hoping for a spotted mule baby.   She is starting to make a bag so probably this weekend we will bring her in from the big pasture. 

Our weather is gross but it is supposed to get better next week.  I must get on Sage.  AND I must get back to walking.  Two days ago I walked too far I think and my back has been shouting at me.  Will try again not so far.  Then work back up to 10,000 steps. 

Life goes on and on.  I am thankful for every day.  The closer I get to 75 I wonder how many do what I do at that age or am I deluding myself.  I enjoy life for the most part and love my horses.  



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 It has been a while since so many of Bob's family has been together.  These are our nieces - Lorraine in blue, Madeline in the floral and Jeannine in the black jacket.  Their mother was Bob's sister.  She died in l982.  They have 2 brothers.
Bob's brother Lynn.  I did not realize that he mostly uses a walker but he gets around well with that assistance.  He doesn't look much like Bob.  He is tall, Bob is not.  He was blond, Bob was not.  Neither have a lot of hair now.
Our beautiful granddaughter Nicolette.  She has been Nikki until recently and now she wants to be Neddy.  She is over visiting with her mother for a while.  She made some decisions last year that were not the best and she is learning that life catches up with you.  She is a tiny little thing at 19.

I walked my five miles today but went a little farther and my legs are yelling at me.  I am proud of myself.  I walked with our neighbor Teresa.  It was fun to have someone to chat with.  She walks fast like Nikki and I had to keep pushing myself.  We did meet a neighbor that we didn't know.  Her name is Leisel.  She seems like a lonely person and I must go and stop in to really visit with her.

Bob is working part time for our farmer friend in Deer Park and he was cultivating today and did not get home until late so I did the horse chores.  It was good to talk to them and hear them talk to me.  Peanut Butter is in a pen by himself because he suddenly had no respect for the electric fences.  He is coming 3, half mustang and half thoroughbred.  At the moment he is really lanky.  We need to find him a home.  I am sure we would give him to someone who would like him and be a good home.  We rescued him and now someone needs to rescue us.  LOL

I wish our cold wind would go somewhere else.  It makes it feel cooler outside than it really is. 



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 My two beautiful girls.  Nikki and the left and Christyn on the right.  I was nice to see them both together.  One lives in Everett and the other in Marysville so they see each other often.
We were at this lovely ladies 80th birthday party.  She is Bob and my sister in law Jackie.  She has been wheelchair bound for some time and I know it is discouraging for her.  However she is blessed to still be going - several instances where we thought she would not recover.  We love you Jackie and were happy to be able to be at your party.
I thought this mountain peak up on Snoqualemie  Pass coming home yesterday.  It was beautiful.  Loved it.

We got home fine and all the critters were OK.  Shannan and Katie had taken good care of them all.  I hope to get out and work with Sage today but its very cold.  I am going to do a little walk anyway.  I need someone to walk with but don't know who.

WE had a nice weekend but my bed was very welcome last night.
I really don't like quick trips but sometimes it can't be helped.



Thursday, April 11, 2013

 My girls families.  Plus one girlfriend, her little girl and a friend.  I think Nikki said there were 20 for dinner.  They had fun.
Our young stock plus one pregnant cow.  The one with horns behind the white one had a heifer calf the next day.  She will take any extra calves to raise and we brought Ed down to be brother to Dandy and they are doing fine.  The white one is Topper and the red one is Lola,, Frosty is behind Lola and the black one in front is Shannans and I don't know her name and I can't tell which black one is in the back.  Besides Ed, all of our calves this year are heifers and except Eclipse are white with brown on their ears.Other than Eclipse have the same father.

Our weather has been nasty so I have not been able to get out and work Sage.  She did fine when Marilyn rode her week before last.  We are going on a trail ride down at Escure on the 26th.  I want to be able to ride her. 

Had to take a break and tend to Justin.  A real blowout and it took a while to get him all cleaned up  and his clothes all changed.  He now sleeping on the couch.  His bed got stripped down to the mattress and that's the only sheet I had.  He started to crawl today.  He thinks he really is quite brilliant.  Well he is, he won't be 6 months for another week.



Friday, April 5, 2013

This is befuddling me this morning.  I thought I had figured out how to load more than one picture.  Three of the four loaded and the one did not.  I have not been lost, I was really sick over Easter weekend.  Some kind of a bug.  Have never had pain in my stomach like that.   Got over it and Monday Nikki and her two boys and a friend of Lanes came.  We had the bestest time.

The picture of Sage was taken just the other day.  Marilyn rode her and now I must.  Now the good weather has dissipated and it is raining again.  Darn.  I will get to though.  She was very good for Marilyn and no reason not to believe she won't be with me.  Nikki and the kids and I rode in the arena but I did not want to try her there with kids whooping and cantering around. I rode Raven.  Nikki rode Pepper and he was not nice.  Its a good thing she is a good rider and has a good head on her shoulders.This is Lane and one of out banty chickens.  A little bitty rooster.  He wants one so bad and I have one for him, just have to get Nikki's OK - shes a little hen though.

The other pictures is daughter Chrissy, her partner Wendy and Chrissy's three kids.  Jade in pink, Nikki the little squirt (she is oldest) and Sky is the handsome young man.

We had another white baby last night.  It was too dark for pictures so will have to get them today.  We have one more cow to calf and then we are done for this year.  Dandy is a nice big bull calf.  They are all fathered by a White Park bull.  They are an English breed I guess. 

I need to get my day going here.  Horses need out of stalls, laundry etc, you know what it takes to keep a house reasonably neat and take care of livestock.

I promise it won't be so long.