Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well today was interesting. Sierra forgot whoa. Never thought she had heard the word before. I put her in the round pen this morning and then she tried running me over and would not do anything. I finally got one thing out of her and then back to her stall because I was getting frustrated. This evening, we tried again and she still didn't remember so we practiced whoa for 45 minutes. Walked circles, over poles and lots of whoa's. She finally looked at me and said OH I Remember now.

Downloaded the entry forms I need to fill out for the Mustang Expo in Reno in August. I think we will have to be there on Wednesday to have the kinks worked out by the time we show on Friday. I am nervous now. Need to start making a list of things we need to take with us like a stall fork and hose etc.

I turned our other horses out on their green pasture this evening and after 2 hrs. or so went to get them in. They are in the big pasture and after 45 minutes told them they could stay until Bob got home and could take the 4 wheeler. They were not coming in hook or crook. I would get them all headed for the gate and Abby would take off thru the middle and scatter them. I was so mad. Bob said leave them out. He will put them in in the AM. He is too tired.

Gave a riding lesson this evening. Samantha is probably the best young rider I have ever taught. Really appreciate her. She is 11. Pepper was not too good. He wanted to go eat. I think next week I will get Ditto in. She is my old paint mare and will be more cooperative.

Anyway that's my day.


Summer is here and its hard to work with the horses in the middle of the day so Sierra got played with this morning and then this evening. She is side passing and that excited me. She will trot when I encourage her along side me but she has got to learn to go slower. Old short legs don't cut it. I have been worrying about how to get her muscled up nicely and had to remind myself that she is not getting enough time to stretch her muscles so its going to be l5 minutes of trotting each way in the round pen. We are doing most of the other work in the arena.

She is eating her grain like mad now. A week ago I was asking how to get her to try it. I gave her extra oats tonight after she trotted for half an hour. Boy when I said whoa and come, she did. Huffing and puffing.

Tomorrow morning Skeeter, my little poodle dynamo goes to get groomed. He is a fuzzy mess right now. I wish they didn't have to have him so early. I am used to sleeping in.

till tomorrow -