Sunday, July 31, 2011


I did it I did it I did it. I got on Sage. I got so excited doing it I forgot my helmet. I won't next time. It was so COOL sitting my first time in that saddle.

Bob didn't care about a picture of the horse but wanted my face. Oh I was excited. Not a care in the world for her. Oh you are on me now.

What a day. Hope yours was as wonderful


Saturday, July 30, 2011

A better Day

The feet of a working man.

A true redhead.

Look at that mane.

Bob got one her today. He would not let me. Tomorrow. She could have cared less.

Bob giving her, her treat for being so good.

My bowl today. I pick that many every other day. Love them. Underline the love.

We had a little rodeo trying to spray Sage after her lesson. She let me day before yesterday but not today. I finally got it done but wasted a lot of spray in the meantime. I need to take a spray bottle of water and practice.

Bob's work with Rusty was awesome too. He got her front feet trimmed and will do her hind another day. His back won't tolerate more than 2 feet at a time.

Hope your Saturday was good, ours was.


Friday, July 29, 2011


Caroline running her second round this morning. She ran it in 15.913. 40Th out of 700. She did not make it into the finals but she is happy that they did well and all the barrels were left standing. We are so proud of her. In 10 days she leaves for college.
April getting on Sage the first time. And not with good results - she got bucked off. My little light saddle is not a good one to ride in. The stirrups are bad. She could not get her foot in the stirrup or she would not have gone off. It scared me.

So, we tied her to the hitch rail and she got on her there.

By the time we quit for the evening, she was walking her back and forth by the hitch rail. She did better. Tomorrow we will put a different saddle on her and try again. I don't think it will be as difficult the second time. As long as April rubbed her neck she would be relaxed. It was a big day for me and for Sage.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We probably the only people within miles of here that had not been to Cabellos. It opened here about 2 years ago or so. Our boys shop there and it has more stuff than you can imagine. Clothing, hunting, fishing, camping and on and on. They have a huge display in the center of the store. That is where I took these two pictures.

We went there to meet our wonderful friends Bernie and Sherri. They have moved to Helena, Montana and its been a while since we have seen them. It was fun to sit there and just laugh and talk like we used to. They have identical twin daughters and one was with them but don't know for sure which. They are in nursing school. It was a good time visiting with them. I really do miss them.

Worked with Sage and the blue barrels again this afternoon. She is having trouble backing through them though. She was mushy tonight loving me, giving me kisses and just wanting to be hugged back. Love it, I mean LOVED it.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Hair Cut and Time With Sage

Not a good picture at all but taken off the computer. Sweet Caroline making her first run at the World Your Barrel Horse Racing Championship. She had a 16.696 time. Not her best ever but certainly enough to keep her in the middle. She is competing as a teen. Sure wish I could have been there to watch in person.
Three of our mares including Sage eating their supper.

Me and my Sage and my new "do". Got it all cut short today. I just could not stand it any longer. Sage and I worked on walking around and backing between the blue barrels. She did really really well.

What God painted for us Sunday evening. It was so beautiful.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Four Days of Fun

This a a very large group of pictures of our four days of camping in Idaho at the Red Ives Ranger Station. Well, we were across the river from the station itself. It was so beautiful. It was cold when we got there and reallty cold at night. By Saturday afternoon it was really hot. It does cool way down at night though. It rained the first night but sun the rest of the time. The wild flowers were beautiful.

The first morning Bob setting out with two other guys and their pack animals. They were hauling hay about 7 miles up the trail. They were on their way to pick up the first load. A bale on each side.

The other group was cutting/brushing out a trail up on Copper Ridge. I did not want to ride that far so Diane and I came back. We rode a trail that went to the river but I did not want to cross there. She either. Then we came back and crossed at the bridge and rode up to Line Creek Horse Camp. I really enjoyed that and hope that we can go up to that camp some time and day ride out of there.

Diane is a ways ahead of me. It hard to ride with someone on a gaited horse. Particularly when he is slow to start with. He really is easy to ride though.

Saturday my friend Cindy did not want to go out with the groups either. She has a very painful back injury and can only ride short distances. That satisfied me just fine.

The road coming out. It was taken out the windshield so not a great one but just wanted to show you all the curve..

Lake Chatcolet on our way home.

Not too far above where we were camped.

The view the first morning when we got up.

Wrangler and Raven standing on the high line.

Rosie relaxing. These three had just gotten tack from their 15 mile sojourn

The group heading out the second morning.

Pepper thinking everyone had neglected him.

Lots and lots of daisies.

This pretty girl came down and nosed around camp. I was in our trailer with the door open. She knew I was there someplace but did not see me.

The Forest Service Packer's barn and the pasture.

Red white and blue flowers. They were so pretty.

Bob coming in the second day.

Wrangler and Raven grazing.

Don't know who he was but he was fishing in the St. Joe River. Its a catch and release area. I don't understand why anyone would spend time fishing and putting them back. Oh well. There were alot of people doing it.

Everything went very well. Rosie had a little episode that scared me to death. She lay down while tied on the high line and got her feet all tangled up and could not get up. We had a lot of help getting her up. She isn't badly hurt but it was scary. Fortunately she did not struggle, just laid there until someone came to help her.

Besides getting the house in order today and laundry going, I have out first pick of raspberries ready. Bob brought me in a cup of them while I was still in bed reading the paper. Nice big sweet berries.

I was going to put this in the internet last night but was just too tired.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A hot Sunday - three days of pictures

This is Justina Marabella. She is almost 3. She joined their family when she was just barely 2. She is a girly girl really attached to her mom and dad.
And this is Maria Marabella. She is almost 4 and she joined their family just about a year before Justina. She is a tomboy and her daddy is her idol. They are sweet little girls.

The shower for Katie was last Saturday the 16Th. It was fun. Most of the people who were invited came and she received a lot of nice things. I was very glad to be able to do it for her.

It was a bright shiny day. It got a little warm but was OK. The only disaster was the butter for the scones melted and ran over onto the table cloth.

Today Bob and I went on a trail ride down at Heyburn State Park. It was hot but a great ride. We had a large turnout. Our Mustang Club had the ride but several from the Panhandle Back Country Horsemen came and joined us. It was really fun

This is Andrea. Not a real clear picture but was taken back over my head.

Lake Couer D'Alene from the spot where we had lunch. It may be called Indian Point - Its Indian something. It was a beautiful place to take a rest.

The log made a good rest area until we discovered big black ants. I left. What a great place to rest though and there was a little breeze and the clouds hid the sun for a bit.

It was a fun day. We stopped and got ice cream cones on our way home. My knees are suffering. Don't know why but that is what always hurts on me.

I took a nap when we got the horses put away ect. and slept about an hour I think and got woken up with a big clap of thunder. Didn't appreciate that too much. One lightening strike was quite close and then it poured down rain for about 5 minutes and then the sun was shining again.

I pray your weekend was as blessed as ours was.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cooler Day

These pictures were all taken withing the last couple of weeks but not put here. I didn't take any today so thought what the heck, I will sort through and get some.

Nikki and I have the same problem, we are short legged and need something to stand on to get on our horse. Pepper is pretty good about standing. So is Raven. I will have to teach that to Sage.

The two hooligans with a plot.

Tom on Lanes birthday.

If we get everything done before Saturday morning, I will be surprised. Bob finished painting the kitchen this evening.

Didn't do anything with horses today, it rained all night and a good part of the day. It smelled good when it quit. I need to get out and weed my garden now though.