Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday evening

Rusty let me do more with her today. She lead pretty well 3 laps around her pen. She let me walk right up to her when I picked up her rope. This week will be the week we change halters and leave the drag rope off. I am so proud of her.

Tyler was going to ride Liberty today but Liberty had other ideas. She bucked like a real bronco when he put the saddle on. He worked with her for quite a while and left the saddle on for a while. Maybe tomorrow. She is so bonded to him but did not want him on her back. He so bad wants to be the first on her but she bucked hard today and he wasn't about to try it again. I would not have either for sure.

Bob worked with Rusty a couple of times but otherwise we did not do too much. Katie came and messed with Abby for a while. They are a good pair too.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today I thought I would show you all of our other horses. Besides Rusty I mean. Rusty is doing wonderful. I got her to give to rope pressure and "lead" across her pen this evening. I can rub her back to her hip on the right but the left only to her shoulder before she thinks I am going to eat her. She is sweet. That is the best I have gotten from her however Bob has gotten her to do that without as much pressure as I needed to get her to respond. She is very sweet though and never a kick or bite. Just feet frozen in place.
The top picture is of Dixie in her stall for her supper. Not too good of a picture but its her never the less. Dixie is from Jackie's Butte and is about 20 years old. Still is full of energy and will go all day.
The next picture is of Pepper. Still on stall rest and Butte. Pepper is a Riddle Mt. Kiger and is 11 I think. He has an eye problem that continues to get more advanced but he is here for the rest of his life. He can go all day and anyone can ride him.
Ditto is my old Paint mare. She was the best horse ever to ride. I showed her western pleasure, Hunt seat and drove her. She does not like to drive. I won a lot on her. She is 27 this year and is retired. She ran a stick into the sole of her foot into her navicular bursa (sp?) and can only be ridden lightly. She loves retirement and sometimes I saddle her up and ride her just because I have to. She does not like men but loves me.
The very next picture is Wild Rose aka Rosie. She is a pinto pony - welsh/paint cross. She has done lead line classes, walk trot classes and is a champion driving pony. We won just about everything we could driving. She loves to pull anything we hitch behind her including a sleigh.
The burro's name is Yuma for the area he was gathered from. He is just a pet. He was my mothers day present about 8 years ago.He is a sweetie. He talks to us every time we go out the back door.
Liberty is the horse that the neighbors abandoned when they moved to Oregon. I don't know what HMA she is from from its CA some place. when we got her over here she was 9 and not handled. It has taken us a long time to get her really quiet. I think Tyler will ride her yet this weekend. they are really bonded with each other.
Raven is the next one in the line of pictures. She is 7. She was given to us by a lady (and I use that term loosely) who said she back bucked her off. I think she shied and she fell off but I wasn't there, just from experience since we have had her. She is from the Ravendale, CA HMA. She is a wonderful mare and loves being ridden. She has a little spook at first when you start down a trail but is sure footed and honest.
The quarter pony is Sequoia. He is for sale. We want $1,000 for him. He is about 20 and a wonderful kids pony. Our 6 year old granddaughter rides him by herself. He boarded here for about 6 years and then he girl outgrew him and we bought him. He needs a kid who will ride him often. He loves to go.
The last picture is of Abby getting ready for a show. Doesn't she look happy? LOL. Not. She is owned by Katie. Katie has come and helped with the horses and rode for several years. We gave her Abby a few months ago. She boards here. Abby is from the Sheepshead HMA in Oregon and really a true black.
So that is our lineup. When I talk about them you will know who I am talking about. Of course and Rusty.
When I got down to what I was so sad about yesterday- in the middle of the night I realized I missed (among others) Sierra. I miss her but what I miss is the going about and working with a yearling that I can make progress with. Rusty is Bob's but another horse is really not practical. BUT we did find out they are gathering in the Pryor's and they are gathering a lot of yearlings. So maybe - I would love one of those gorgeous grulla yearlings like we saw last year when we visited there.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I need a breath

I have been on the sad side today for some reason. Our daughter moved and Bob and Tyler helped her. Bob went to the doctor and he found he has permanent damage to his right eye. Nerve damage from a blow to the head. He goes back in 3 months to see if the nerves are healing or not. We got 6 1/2 more tons of hay today. And, I cleaned my refrigerator. None of that mustang related.

Pepper is still grumbling about stall rest and butte but we are managing. Katie came and worked Abby some and is worrying about her mane laying down nicely. Wouldn't that be nice if that was all we had to worry about.

Katie and Bob both played with Rusty today and petted and rubbed her all over back to her hip. I did not try today. I just fed her is all. She is getting better every day and follows Bob to the gate when he leaves now. She is so cute. I always part her forelock so we can see her face but she would rather hide behind it.

I will try to have pictures tomorrow. It was warm today, maybe tomorrow will be the same. Our Mustang Club met this evening. We are changing the meeting day to the last Thursday of each month. Wish we could round up a few more people to come join us.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pepper is bored

Pepper does not like stall rest. He wants OUT. Katie cleaned his stall and walked him around the barn once. He is cranky. And he does not like Butte and does not intend to take it much longer. It takes a strong hitching rail , a strong lead rope and a persistent person. That's me. He gets 2 grams or whatever each night for 2 more and then 4 days of one. I think that when he is over this, we will put splint boots on him fastened up good to give him a little extra support for a while. Maybe whenever he is ridden.

Bad me, I forgot to put Dixie in today. I must tomorrow to get her extra boost for her weight. She let me know I had forgotten but did not want her in the stall all night so I just told her sorry.

And then there is Rusty of course. Bob walked in and petted her face and neck without picking up her rope. Not for me though. I have to pick up the rope first. She is so cute.

No pictures again, I am sorry.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vets are expensive

Today we took Pepper and Dixie to see the vet. Pepper because he is still lame and Dixie because I wanted her teeth checked. Well, Pepper has a pulled suspensory ligament and is on stall rest for 2 weeks with a gel cast on his leg. That is the picture. He needed to have his teeth done too.
Then it was Dixie's turn. First of all Jed said she is much closer to 20 than 15. That does not bother me, she is sound and a good trail horse. I like riding bigger horses but she is what I have and takes care of me on the trail. What more could I ask for. Her teeth were terrible. I looked in her mouth and was amazed. A good dental treatment and she should be a lot more comfortable. Maybe she will be able to gain some weight. I don't like her this thin.
Jed saw Sierra week before we went to Reno and when I told him how she was judged on condition, he was amazed. He thought she was perfect. Too bad he wasn't there to judge huh?
Bob and I both worked with Rusty today. She definitely is Bob's horse. Crutches and all. She is improving every day and when I fed this evening first I held out a handful of the hay and told her she had to come and get it. She did right out of my hand. She has done that for Bob but has all but thumbed her nose at me. But, tonight was the night for her to eat out of my hand. I gave her the rest of her hay and told her good girl. I was prepared to stand there all night. Its starting to be more fun to work with her.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No pictures today. Sorry. Pepper still has a swollen leg so he and Dixie will go to the vet tomorrow. He is not limping so bad though.

Rusty got caught much easier today. She really is not very responsive to me. Would as soon run over me if she though she get away with it but she likes Bob a lot.But then, so do I so I guess its OK. She followed Bob to the gate tonight after he petted and loved on her. She threw herself back every time I touched her today. Better on the right than the left but Bob did and she just stood there.

We went up to Fruitland today to see some friends. I am always amazed at Muriels garden. For lunch we had corn on the cob fresh picked, green beans from her garden, sliced tomatoes picked this morning. And some sausage links and for dessert blackberry pie from berries her husband picked yesterday. I thought I would pop it was all so good. Every year I want a garden but alas another year of not. I was too busy this spring anyway with Sierra but every time we go there and eat like that I think I wanted one.

Not a lot of horsey news today. And tomorrow it is supposed to rain. I hope the wheat farmers have their grain harvested.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A rainy Monday

Isn't that the name of a song somewhere? Anyway, I need to win the lottery. Suppose you need to buy a ticket though. Drat. I need a new computer. Last night I was about to pitch it out the window. So hope tonight it doesn't start hiccuping and will upload my pictures and ultimately this blog.

My pictures today are of Bob petting and rubbing on Rusty. She was easier to get to relax when Bob worked with her than earlier when I did but we both got to rub her face and neck. She is getting easier to handle for sure. We picked her up a week ago today so I think we are doing OK.

The other picture is of our Pepper. Bob calls him his wonder horse. I call him a fat spoiled brat some of the time. He is a great horse. Our young friend Katie was taking him to the fair but now it is up in the air. He is quite lame on his right front. His ankle is swollen quite a bit. Katie is horrified and wants to know what happened to it but we don't know any more than her. He was fine yesterday. I gave him some butte and we put him in a stall. We will see what tomorrow brings. If he is not fine by Wednesday we will take him to the vet. Dixie needs to go too to have her teeth looked at.

\Before I forget it, our Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club meets on Friday evening of this week at Perkins Restaurant at Mission and Argonne just off I90, at 6:00 PM. We will be putting the last of the plans for our money maker trail ride on Sept 13th. at the Marie Creek Trail head just east of Couer D/Alene.

Got a real chuckle this evening at our neighbor. She told us she thought what on earth were we getting into buying a 25.00 horse that no one else wanted. She thought it would be big headed, skinny and who knows what. When she saw Rusty she was shocked. There are quite a group of three strike horses equally as nice I am sure.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Am going to try again. Something went wrong and it would not publish nor would it upload my pictures.

So, yesterday we went to the Lincoln County Fair at Davenport and watched Dusty Roll pull on a demo with his EMM horse Telford. He is doing a great job and has about 3 more weeks until they are off to Ft. Worth. I sure do wish him luck and a safe journey. I am going to try to add pictures. Also at the fair we met Arlene who has Wildairo and Echo. That was so much fun.

Also, I will try to upload some pictures with our grandson Tyler and Liberty. Libby was left in our care by our neighbors who moved to Wyoming. They adopted her when she was 2 and just turned her out. She is 10 now. Tyler has been working with her for about a year and I think this is the week that he will get on her. He loves her. And she loves him.
Am going to include a picture of Sierra in her new home. Haven't received any others yet.

No pictures today of Rusty but Bob rubbed all over her face. She wasn't sure of it but stood there and let him, sort of. And, I rode Dixie for a while. My knee hurt so I did not ride long but wanted to ride for a bit. I had never rode her in the arena and wanted to see what she did. I did find out what she would do - nothing. Just did the trail items in there and went on about her business. I tried a mechanical hackamore on her today. That worked better. I do think we need to get her to the vet and have her teeth done. She is too thin for what she has to eat.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A good day

The first picture is our pretty girls face. Rusty is doing very well. I can not handle that long pole well and she let me get quite close to her so I ditched the bamboo pole and went to my Handy Stick or whatever you call it. I rubbed all over her back and neck with it. I picked up the rope and was able to touch her nose without too much of a to do and then I scratched her neck. She gave to the rope and took a couple of steps toward me. Bob has been sitting in a chair in the middle of her pen. But he and his leg are still incapacitated and doing more is forbidden. He did touch her nose last night as she was eating her hay out of his lap. She doesn't want to be scared but can't help it.
The last picture is our grandson Tyler ground driving Liberty. She is the 10 year old mare that our neighbors abandoned. At 9 she had never been touched. She takes a little more to get things done but is trying. Tyler has done it all. He had never done anything with horses except when they came to visit. He is learning and loves it. We love it too.
Had a long talk with Tracey last night. That was a good visit. I sure wish we lived closer. She lives in Bellingham over in the NW corner of our state. She has a real passion for mustangs and I do think she could sell ice to the Eskimos. Enjoy her friendship so much.
I am hoping to go to the Lincoln County fair tomorrow morning to see Dusty Roller give a demo with his Makeover Horse 08. He is a good trainer. Would really like to watch him and see what he has accomplished with his horse. He is a QH guy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I received pictures of Sierra at her new home in Nevada. She looks happy and is doing well. She has another yearling filly to play with. Made me feel good to see though.

So on to Rusty. She is a 3 year old filly from Beauty's Butte. She has been at the corrals in Burns for about a year. She was a 3 strikes horse so we bought her outright. Bob fell in love with her at Pasco but did not adopt her and then she did not get adopted in Albany and that was her third strike. I guess she was here in Spokane but we were not there so I did not know that.

Bob has been doing a lot of sitting in her corral. He can do that on crutches. She ate her dinner out of his lap this evening and he touched her nose. I had the bamboo pole all over her today too. I took ahold of the rope but she said nope. So back to the pole. She has a good mind I just know.

Bob wants to be able to do more with her so bad. He goes back to the doctor in about 10 days. He wants to walk so bad. Even a cane would be better. Then he will do more with her. I will too though. I have more confidence now.
I never said I was very computer smart and uploaded the same picture twice. Will do better tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The last post was done by our daughter. We got home late yesterday afternoon in the midst of a terrible wind/dust storm.
Reno was an experience of a lifetime but I don't think I will do it again. For a couple of reasons. First of all my age, next was the heartbreak of giving up my special baby, and we just could not afford to do that again. I received a lot of support from a lot of people, money, services and so on but it cost us about $l,000. to go to Reno twice, food, etc.
We arrived Wednesday afternoon and got settled in the 12 x 12 panel stall. I put her kind of in the middle so neither the the morning, nor afternoon sun would be on her. It was hot enough without being in the direct sun. She settled right in and drank a lot of water. We put her banner up and sponsor board up. Thursday, she got her bath. She never did learn to like a bath much. We had our trainers meeting and got the pattern for the obstacle course. My big thing was, I did not trot with her in circles around cones. We did serpentine etc. She would trot to the right with me just fine but to the left she barreled her shoulder into me. A young lady next to us named Jaci took her and worked with her. I certainly appreciated that.
Friday morning we first had the conditioning competition and they painted our number on each hip. #310. I got dinged .5 because she was too heavy. No ribs showing. That amounted to -4 points. I did not know they were judging her on manners and she moved away from the person painting her and got knocked 2 points there. That is 5 points. In the actual obstacle competition, she walked halfway around the 2ND. circle. I could not run fast enough that way. She did the square perfect. She got marked down a little at the trailer because she did not just follow me in but stopped and smelled before she stepped in. And then when I was picking up her feet, on the last foot she was a little off balance and I took it away from me so I picked it up twice. My fault there. She did the rest of the course very well, nicked one pole.
When all the points were tallied, I came in, in the top 10 and 7Th overall. 6.5 points out of first place so you see the competition was fierce. Only the top 5 got to do their freestyle in the big arena.
I cried myself to sleep Friday night because I was so afraid she was not going to be adopted and they told us if they were not adopted they would go back to Palomino Valley Center and I could not stand that. She trusted me. However, she was adopted by a lovely lady from Reno. They picked her up Sat. afternoon. I did well then, she loaded right in their trailer but when she left she looked out the trailer window and whinnied at me like she was concerned why I was not going. I lost it.
Only 4 of the babies did not get adopted and they did not go back to PVC but to the prison program at the Nevada State Prison in Fallon, NV. They will do very well there and help a man get his life in order.
We met some wonderful people, will never forget them nor will I ever forget a young bay filly that gave me my confidence back and pulled me out of a depression that I could not seem to shake since last Jan. Sierra, I will always remember you, will you remember me?

We stopped in Burns on our way home a picked up a 3 strikes filly that is 3 and we have named Rusty. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hi All.... We are in Reno. It's bloody hot here and the AC went out on the truck. We stayed last night at Andi & Tom's in Burns. Sierra did just fine on the ride down here. Tomorrow is check in and some meetings and then Friday it all starts. Until then.

Monday, August 11, 2008

0 0 0 0 0 0 Days to go.

Well here it is. We leave early tomorrow morning. We have had a very busy day. Getting everything ready. Just have the food to pack and the ice chests ready and my "show clothes" ironed and hung in the trailer and I am going to go to bed and put my head under the pillow. I am tired.
Sierra was not good today. She did the obstacle things very well today and that was OK. However she did not want a bath, did not like it and was mad at me for doing it. I tried to lead her to the front lawn for some pictures and she bucked and tried to jerk free. Did get a couple but not what I wanted. Oh well, she will be pretty tired tomorrow evening when we get to Burns. So will we.
I will not have Internet access in Reno. Don't have a laptop. I will probably be be back on Monday the l8Th. For all my sponsors, friends, family I can't say thank you loud enough or long enough. You are all very important to me. THANK YOU.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One day left, l, ONE, Uno

Our garage sale ended today and we did awesome and got rid of a lot of stuff, tack, farm equipment, clothes, etc. What was left we boxed up and a lot of it will go to the Salvation Army when we get back. Anything western, left over tack etc. got boxed up to store until next March when the tack swap is. Our granddaughter helped us and she made a little spending money and we got to play with Liliana, our great granddaughter.

The airshow also concluded today. I love watching the airplanes flying in precision. Don't want to do it just like watching. Got some nice pictures. The Blue Angels were the planes this year.

I put Sierra out in her little pasture this morning and she began to tear around like a crazy horse. That is what she was doing when she jumped the gate. I called her and she came to me and I put her in the round pen and she loped and trotted for a long time before she began to listen to me. We just kept at it. She did whatever I asked her minus halter/lead so I put her back out and she went to eating. So I thought it was a good thing to have done. Later she and I worked with the music and obstacles. She did pretty well. I will give her a good work out tomorrow and then Tuesday we are off. Whew. Can't believe it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday, 2 to go.

They are me, Tyler, Lane by Grandpa, Ryan on the other side, Seth and Dustin. Sheya (better known as Princess) in the front. Tyler, Lane and Dustin are brothers, Ryan Seth and Sheya are family. That is less than half of the grand kids though.

In spite of all the kids, the yard sale is doing very well. Have sold quit a bit of stuff, most of our excess tack, some older farm equipment an bunches of stuff. Some things I thought would sell quickly hasn't and some things I almost didn't bother to put out sold immediately. I don't care. Just want every penny we can pull together.

tomorrow is clipper day again, and packing the trailer up.

Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. Had a good cry with Sierra today. Hope I got that out of the way. She did just fine when I worked with her. It has been a great experience. Don't know if I will do it again but am not sorry I took it on.

The picture is why I have not gotten anything done for the past 2 days.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Five to go.

My stomach is in knots.

Got everything out for the yard sale which starts in the morning. Spent part of the day watching the Blue Angels practice for the airshow Sat. and Sunday. Fortunately we live close to the base and they go right over our house, very low and sometimes upside down. Hope my pictures turn out good. And am hoping our weather holds but it can cool down some. It was about a hundred again today.

With all the going on around here, Sierra did not have to do too much today. She backed some and trotted some and led around the midst of all the stuff. I had to make special plans to arrive in Reno on Wednesday instead of first thing Thursday morning. That just would not work for us. I think we are coming the farthest. I think Cindy and I have it figured out OK. A lot of thinking there huh? My brain is about worn out. And tomorrow morning 3 more grandchildren arrive. They will all be here till Sat. And the yard sale, and get the trailer ready and on.

I think maybe its all a good thing, then I wont be tempted to sit around and worry about it.

A better list of sponsors

I knew I forgot some: I hope this is a complete list as of today.

Lorisue Enterprises
Jed McKinley Equine Vet
PhotoImage & Counsulting
Nikki Edgerton
Nancy Bayliss
Kay Waller
Katie Marabello
Kim Marbo
Michelle Stemerick
Judy Ballenger
Angela Huston
Jim & Kathy Spring
Darlene Stevensen
AND............Of course my husband Bob who has encouraged me and bragged about me thru this all wonderful experience, and our grandson Tyler who has fed when I needed him to, put Sierra in and out at times and helps with ANYTHING we ask of him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eek 7 to go.

It was soooooooooooo hot today. Over 100 at our place. I took Bob to the doctor today hoping for a walking cast. He took the splint off and his foot swelled up huge. Don't know why. He had an xray and we will know tomorrow what from here. If its healing OK, he won't have a cast and will just be able to put a little weight on it. I guess its a waiting evening.

We have not had any rain for about 6 weeks and of course this is the weekend of our yard sale/fund raiser and its supposed to be cloudy, hot, dry lightening and perhaps some rain. We have it all ready to put out tomorrow. Have 2 grandchildren here helping. They are 12/14. Will be a lot of help. Our 9 year old grandson from Marysville will be here tomorrow too. Happy days, and 3 other cousins - all that and a yard sale, putting the finishing touches on Sierra and trying to retain my sanity.

Sierra is a little sore today and I found some scrapes but she cooperated with everything we did. It is hard for me to run and trot with her and it was so bloody hot that we only did it once. I am really getting knotted up over this. Can I do it, will my knee collapse in the middle, will I embarrass myself, will Sierra blow up, will my nerves affect her so she doesn't understand what I want and the list goes on.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Sponsors

I have not figured out how to make a list of my sponsors to show on the blog so will just list them here. Each of them are very important to me and have each provided me with either a service of some kind or cash. Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart.

Lorisue Enterprises
Jed McKinley Equine Vet
Photo-image & Consulting
Nikki Edgerton
Kay Waller
Katie Marabello
Kim Marbo
Michelle Stemirick
Judy Ballenger
Angela Huston
Jim and Kathy Spring
Darlene Stevenson

I think I might have left someone out but don't know who. I will add to the list if it grows or if I find someone I have forgotten.

Day 8 to go was both scarey and great

I put Sierra in the arena this morning - she has been turned in there many times- to get some exercise before we had to leave for the vet. Before we left we had to move some just weaned calves to a pasture next door. Tyler had made a good aisle way with panels. Moving the young stock went well but Sierra wigged out pretty good with them running by the arena. She started running and bucking which was OK . However ---the arena is a 4' fence and big drive thru gate. She made a really really bad choice and thought she would jump the gate.

She isn't quite ready to clear 4' and got her front half over and then was stuck in the middle - half over, half not. Scared the bejeebers out of me. She just stood there on her tippy toes. I put a lead rope on the front half. Tyler dismantled the gate from under her. She just stood there quietly during the entire process. Then she walked away. I cried thru the entire process but it all turned out OK.

THEN I loaded her in the trailer for her first ride. I tied her in the first stall area and then worried all the way. However she stood like a trouper. When we got to the vet he asked me to unload her and she just stood there looking around. He examined her where she hung over the fence and said she might be a little stiff tomorrow but work her thru it. She let him draw blood and tried to take the paperwork right out of his hand. Jed McKinley is the best vet ever. He never minds working on our mustangs.

Sierra rode home the way she rode there. Such a great little horse.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Near catastrophe - 8 to go

Holy mackerel - Guess I did not think it would come so fast.

Today could have been a real catastrophic day. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest and I thought Tyler was going to collapse he was so upset.

Tyler was moving panels with the tractor thru Sierra's little pasture. And Sierra being Sierra decided to go thru the gate with the tractor. She got out into a pasture pen with hotwire on 3 sides. Tyler being inexperienced horsey person ran to head her off and of course that made her run faster. She went through the fence, broke off 3 fence posts and pulled the wire all over the place. That scared her worse of course and she went through another fence and tore it up. That put her in with our 6 horses that are in that pen. They wanted to get acquainted and that scared her and Raven tried to chase her off with her teeth bared.

I told Tyler to stop, just stop and the horses would quit running. They did. Pepper did try to protect her and got her behind him and just kept her there. It was really amazing. Truly Bob's wonder horse. I got Sierra's halter on and she was shaking. Went over her with my hands and there is only a little ding on her forehead but nothing else seems to be wrong. I put her her stall and let her settle down. Poor Tyler was sure I was going to really be mad at him for letting her get out. No way. He worked very hard and got new posts set and the fences all back. Just what he wanted to do on a very hot day. Felt sorry for him.

Later in the day we went out and went thru the trail items. She did very well, in fact her side pass was very good. She was glad to go back to her house. Tomorrow she goes to see Dr. McKinley and get her health certificate and perhaps a Coggins.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Single Digits - and music

Today was hard for me for some reason. My body was tired.

Sierra went out to eat a while and then came to me when I called her. Good girl! I took my elcheapo boom box, the CD and a LONG extension cord, and Sierra to the arena. My neighbors may bet really tired of hearing I will remember you, will you remember me? I don't have anything worked out but we did listen to it and try a few things. I do not have my heart set on needing it but do want to be prepared.

We worked on the usual things, backing, trotting, poles, the box, side passing = just the things we have been working on for a while. She was good and obedient and did not argue with me at all. Backing was great and so was the side passing from both sides. All the while Sara McLaughlin was singing loudly. Tomorrow, I will time it so I know 3 minutes.

Our neighbor Shannon came by and looked at her. Digressing a little, Shannon brought her big steer down. Cow-cow came walking beside her down the road with a red halter and lead rope on him. He was in a pasture and his pasture mates - horse and mules - came home. He broke the fence down and came home. He was lonesome. He is in with out cattle now. They seem to have accepted him just fine. Every evening he gets a gallon of goat milk as well as grain. When she came to feed him this evening she just called Cow-cow and waved a bucket so he could see it and he came trotting up to her. It was a riot. Anyway, that is why Shannon was here this morning. She took a look at Sierra and thought she was in top notch condition. She wasn't so appreciative about 6 weeks ago. Shannon does know horses (cows and goats too).

I should have gotten a picture of the pair walking down the road. Drat.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sierras day or rest - 10 to go.

This morning we loaded up 2 of our mustangs - Pepper and my Dixie. We meaning our grandson Tyler, Bob and I. We headed for the top of 4Th of July Pass - just east of Couer d'Alene, Idaho. About 60 miles from home. We joined about 25 of our friends from our Back Country Horsemen group. Bob got settled in a chair to watch. Our friend April's husband Mark was not riding so he and Bob hung out together keeping an eye on every ones vehicles and trailers. The rest of us set out on Cross Country Ski trails. Nice riding in the summer. It was about a 12 mile ride - 3 hrs. My body hurt when we got back - think I need to ride more often and I am 70 after all. Darn.

Tracey liked her trail picture with her horses ears. So here are mine. No steep trail but it was fun riding.

Tyler enjoying Pepper. Peppers eyesight has gotten very much worse recently. He loves to go though and is still a babysitter horse.

And the last pictures is my sweet Dixie's face. She kept turning her head and looking back. Love the picture
My great granddaughter - 15 month old Lilianna just arrived, just to give her GG and big hug so gotta go do that.

Friday, August 1, 2008

30 to 40 mph winds - 11 to go

Did not think it was too wise to try to do too much with Sierra today. It was an ugly day, no rain, just clouds that looked like rain and WIND. Of course the West Plains is notorious for its wind.

I did put her out in her little pasture after her breakfast this AM. About 4 I decided to go get her and see what we could do in the round pen. It is sheltered a little. I set her off to trot over the poles and she set out in a gallop and didn't stop for quite a while. After she came down to a trot I told her whoa. Know what she did = nothing kept right on going so we changed directions for a while and tried it again, still no response. That went on for 45 minutes, whoa, change directions and off again. Finally she came down to a walk and she looked at me for the first time and said OH is that what you want and came right up to me. I wanted to bop her but instead petted and hugged her and told her good girl. We did some side passing. Some good, some not so good, yielded her hind quarters on both sides, gave me her shoulders and we called it quits.

I do have a CD player now - the cheapest Walmart has - and will start practicing with the music. I won't need it unless I am in the top 3 or 5. Have read both, and I just can't wrap my brain around finishing that high no matter how much we have practiced. Keep thinking I must have missed something.