Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It Came

My hand. It does not show up too much - the scarring. Its still a little swollen but Dr. Horn gave me free reign today. He said I am exercising it just right. I said, I can go back to my horses and he said yes but to wear gloves and to understand that the hand will be more sensitive to cold. Bob got me a good pair of gloves for Christmas in anticipation of that.

The cute little bag that my new ring came in.

The ring Bob ordered for me. Actually I had to do it when he finally got around to telling me to. He know I really wanted it. It has Sage's name on the inside and the outside is her freeze brand. I love it and have wanted one since Andrea got one and then Mary got one and NOW I have one.

We went to town today and did some errands after my doctor's appointment so did not get to Sage today. I didn't get to walk either but tomorrow is another day. It is supposed to be nice again so hopefully it will work out. This is certainly unusual January weather.