Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday the l8th.

Another big buck out at the hospital. Not the same one, he was larger than this one. It is the height of rut and he didn't have time to stop and wonder what we were doing. Didn't so much as wiggle an ear at us. We drove thru there after we took our recycling to Medical Lake. It was such a nice day.
Bob messed with Rusty some and put the surcingle back on her. She though "Oh well" and just stood there. He did not try the saddle pad with it today like he thought he might. That is reserved for tomorrow I guess.
Friday, noonish, Bob and I are going over to Rathdrum and help Jenn with her mustang Riley. So many on the Yahoo site have given her a lot of information but she needs some hands on help. We certainly are not experts but we do have a lot of experience. Have never met her except on the i/net but she needs help and we are close. As in closer than Kansas or California. Actually its about 35 or 40 miles and will do that happily. So we will go with our boots for the mud, gloves, a flag and a 30' rope.
I am glad the horses got a reprieve but will feel better when I know where this lady is going to put 30 plus thousand horses. I am trying to respond with reason and not emotion but its tough when you love them all so much.