Monday, December 1, 2008

The First Day of Christmas

My Christmas Cactus is blooming. It is totally covered with buds. It looks like Christmas Day it should be in full bloom.

A long day but accomplished a bit around here. Tomorrow, I must, I MUST get back to sewing. I did a little shopping this morning. Went to Walmart in Airway Heights before it got crowded. I needed some wrapping paper, envelopes and such. Bob had a meeting in Deer Park this afternoon and Tyler was job hunting. Now he is babysitting for Christy till Tom gets home.

I am getting really tired of this fog. When it lifted a little today it was still very grey and dismal. I had to take myself by the neck and make me go do the chores. The barn horses were happy to see me. And Rusty always runs to the other side of the pen when I go in with her. She doesn't do that for Bob. We must get her pen moved to a higher place. That mud is driving me nuts. She can get to the round pen and that isn't muddy so she spends a lot of time out there.

Not much else happening.


  1. I agree. I don't like this fog either. I've had a hard time getting to the barn, too. I'm decorating for Christmas now--wrapping presents and spending time reading in front of the fire. That's about all this weather is good for.

  2. This weather is only good for sitting in front of the fire reading. Is tomorrow morning still on for 9:30?

  3. Good afternoon dear cousin!
    Your Christmas Cactus is beautiful! I have had dozens over the years and NEVER, I repeat NEVER managed to get one to bloom at Christmas. You must have the magic touch.
    Love and hugs,

  4. I can't believe your cactus is blooming! I have two and neither one are even remotely looking like they will bloom anything...totally jelouse!