Friday, November 21, 2008

continued from below

I don't know what happened, it just would not add anything else. So read the one before this before you read this addition.

2. Build a log house
3. Buy the property across the road
4. Purchase homes for each of our children
5. Actively support some of the causes dear to my heart.

5 places I have lived

all in Washington

l. Kirkland
2. Auburn
3. Tacoma
4. Roy
5. Puyallup Then Spokane and then here

5 jobs I have had

l. Secretary
2. Office Manager
3. Cleaned Airplanes
4. Stay at home mo
5. Riding instructor

5 People I am tagging

l. anyone who wants
2. Nikki


  1. Lea- I love your list. Looks like you and I have the same preference in the snack department.

  2. Lea--it sounds like you had a lot to overcome five years ago!! How'd you do it??

  3. Linda, I don't know how I did it. Bobs mom died 6 days after our son Scott and I don't think it all even was able to penetrate. I just took one day at a time and sometimes one minute at a time. then my heart and I thought it was a broken heart. The doctor said yes but not the way I was meaning. After a while I had to take myself by the back of the neck and tell myself to get with it.