Thursday, May 9, 2013

 Rusty.  I wish Sage could grow the mane and forlock like hers.  We have had a terrible time with the abcesses in her feet.  I think they are OK now but Bob is still a little cautious about moving her back out with the other horses.
I had such a wonderful ride on Sage yesterday.  She was a little goosey to start with but with lots of ground work she did well when I got on.  I got so excited about riding her that Marilyn had to keep telling me - heels down, sit up straight, use your legs -.  My legs are the weakest part of me when I am riding.  It sounded like me when I was giving lessons.  I know to keep my heels down and to sit up straight.  Lean forward and you a really suseptible to getting dumped right off.  Same with letting your heels come up.  From brain to body is another thing.

I have tried all day to get those two pictures loaded.  It will load two but three freezes up.  GRRRRRRRRRRR.

It is hot today again.  I am going out and work Sage a 2nd time today and ride her when it starts to cool down some.  I got a little sunburn yesterday and am trying to keep out of it during this most hot part of the day.  I worked her this morning and she did great but Bob was not home and I did not want to ride her with no one else here.