Friday, December 2, 2011

Days of Christmas 1 and 2

On the first day of Christmas (yesterday) I have ONE red barn.

On second day of Christmas I have TWO donkey's eating.

I will try to keep up.

All is well here. This evening with Bob's help I have baked 2 loaves of apple cinnamon bread and 2 loaves of zucchini bread. Our Back Country Horsemen Christmas party is tomorrow evening and we are having an auction. Those loaves of bread, rather one of each is going to be my contribution.

At noon is our Northeast Zone Awards luncheon and presentation of award.s Talk about a busy busy day. That's OK.

Today we went up to Elk and read a brand on a mustang for some people. We happened to know them when we got there. This horse just wandered in a while back. He won't stay in anything but the round pen. We will need to find out where he belongs or if he is titled at all. We had to cut his fuzzy coat down with scissors. I think we have it and I will call Angela on Monday and give her what we see as a brand.

My hand is coming along. I hit it on the corner of a little wooden box earlier and that hurt awful. Its better now but I wanted to just sit down and bawl. The back of my hand is still black and blue. Wish that would go away.