Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Check Spelling
These are all older pictures of Sage. Today was a great day with her but its very hard to get pictures when I am working close with her. Today Bob held her for me by a bale of hay and I layed my entire weight on her and rubbed and rubbed her. I did it over and over. She did not raise her head or pin her ears. She just stood there relaxed. She did look one way what my hands were doing on that side of her and then at what the rest of me was doing hanging on the other side. She did not step away, just stood there. I wanted to do a happy dance for sure. Then I took her and let her eat grass for about an hour.

Thank you for your kind words in your comment. That is kind of how I feel today. I will do the best I can, Cindy, and Dr. Fuhs will have to live with it. It has been 8 years since he put in my stent and for the most part all has been well.

Love our nice weather. have been waiting for it.