Monday, July 30, 2012

The Trip I Picked Out Sage

These pictures were all taken the first trip Nikki and I took together to Burns to the "Colorfest" and I picked out Sage.

This mare was good to look at but her front legs were goofy and she was a little aggressive when people went around their pen. I wanted a mare but she wasn't it.
A pretty young guy.

Out in the South Steens. I think these were the first one Nikki had seen.

This pretty mare. Not taken with a long lens. We were that close.

And my Sage. She doesn't look so big there but she is.

Today I had a good ride on her in the arena. We are having a little problem with stopping. I have to pop her on the shoulder with the rein ends. She will turn left great but right - is tougher. The wind was blowing a little and I did not want to press my luck any more. I did get a good half an hour in though.

Poor Wrangler has hives. We put him in a stall so we could give him Benadryl and wash him down with vinegar to take away some of the itch. He was fine yesterday but when I went to get this about 4 he was covered with welts. His face all over his big buckskin body. I know he is miserable. I do wish I knew what he was allergic to.

My brother in law is barely hanging on today. I do wish there was something I could do but all I can do is pray. My sister in law - Bob's brother's wife is bad too. Bob talked to Lynn this afternoon. She is breathing on her own though so that is good. Lord be with them, and us.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arena Ride

My equitation needs improvement but it was out of the round pen for us today. It was really an awesome ride. Nothing spectacular, just around and back and forth. Turn, stop, back ect.

She was a really good girl.

She did so well. I am so proud of her. She did not spook at anything. She stopped a couple of times to look at things like the sprinkler just outside the arena, and a runner going down the road with her dog but not spooky, just looking. I don't care if she looks.

I won't be nervous to take her on a trail. That will come in due time.

Otherwise, Bob is off cutting hay again, I did the chores and stuff like that. It was a beautiful day. Hot but not sweltering.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hay, flowers and me

I was on my way to a Memorial Service this afternoon. Bob wanted to take my picture. It was a lovely day. A nice service for my friend Julie. Can't remember what these are but their color is so beautiful. Love that intense yellow.

Bob backed in almost 5 tons of hay. He had taken off the top layer. He won't ask for help because we can't afford to pay them.

So that was about our day. Bob went and mowed more hay. I spent the afternoon dressed up. Sage had the day off.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Do I Need A Babysitter?

My pretty Mama. I don't know where or when this was taken but I imagine she was having fun at the water.
Mama with my two babies. It was when Tom was born in Phoenix. Chrissy was 9 months old. They were both adopted, its a long somewhat funny story how we got them both in 6 weeks time. This picture was taken about 40 years ago. They still are my babies though.

I am disgusted. I didn't get to ride today because there was so one around to baby sit me. Bob nor Marilyn want me to ride when I am here alone. I don't mind except days like this. Grrrr. I wanted to ride so bad. Bob is helping Bob Gish hay and Katie and Cameron went camping. So I just had a long conversation with Sage and worked her briefly in the round pen. Dang it all anyway.

My sister in law Jackie is very ill. When it rains it pours I guess. Have not heard how Brownie is today. I am glad I believe in the power of prayer or I might go batty.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Day

This morning we worked Sage from the ground. Tarp, pool noodles ect. The end of the ground stuff, tomorrow I will ride her. The tarp was a non problem, she did not mind that in the least. The noodles were something else but we worked through them. She certainly is a great horse.
Our Mustang Club had our annual potluck/BBQ. A couple of people were not there but we still had fun.

Its late and I am tired. It was good to see the guys though and Marilyn did a demo with Sage and that was good.

See you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A nice visit

No pictures. I didn't pick up my camera, darn. Emily Graham was home this week from El Paso where she works as a Border Patrol agent. Her dad and mom were with her. So good to see Dick. He retired from the Border Patrol up on the Canadian border last weekend. Becki has been a good friend for a long time. It was so good to see them all. Emily is one of my favorite. Dick and I got a discussion about mustangs. The ones hes ridden belong to the government so he didn't get to bring any with him. I am so glad they have moved down here on the West Plains.

Bad news about my brother in law today. Nothing more can be done. Its up to Hospice now to keep him comfortable. I feel bereft because I can't be there for my sister..

Bob is home. He had fun with the Kalispel kids. One little girl had had a very bad experience on a horse and by the time she was done, she and Rosie had a wonderful relationship.

I wonder why no one is commenting on my posts? Missing you all.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No one here to watch me ride

The only picture I could not load yesterday. Lane, our grandson fishing at the end of the pond. It is full of catfish.

I was so disappointed today. I wanted to ride and I promised Bob I would not ride unless someone was here and no one was here. Katie had a job interview and Bob is still gone. So...who knows when and I am getting ready for the Mustang Club meeting here on Thursday. I went and got burgers to BBQ and buns today. They had jeans in my size half off today and I snagged a pair. Riders jeans are all that fit me well. Anyway, that was besides the groceries.

Maybe tomorrow I can snag someone to be here and get on my princess. Marilyn is going to give a demo on Thursday on the things she has used to help me get her going good.

Other than that I have done house stuff. I watered plants outside and got some of the yard organized for Thursday evening. Just normal stuff. I watched a couple of things on the news this evening that was of particular interest. I thought of my grandsons that are skate boarders and Ethan Hawke was in town at the skate park in Harmon Park. They would have loved to have watched him in person. And there was a piece about Dennis Weitman on channel 4 at 6:30. He drives a horse in shows and is paralyzed from his waist down. He fell through a roof 5 years ago. His wife designed a cart for him and he runs his wheel chair up a ramp in the back and they strap down the chair and away he goes. He helps harness his horse. He wins a lot. He also announces horse shows. Dennis is really an inspiration to lots of us. And I am blessed to know him and his wife Michelle.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer is Returning

This last weekend we took out grandsons home and attended pig roast at Bob's cousin Tim and Theresa's place in Arlington. There were about 200 people there. The pig was roasted over an open pit and was it yummy. I ate too much of everything and I know most people did too. Tim is the one whose back is to the picture. He is a big fellow.
Our Nikki and Theresa, Tim's wife. We had such a good time.

Our nephew of sorts (his mother is really our niece)Donovan and his partner Cindy. A sweet couple with sweet kiddo's.

Sister in law Jackie. She had a stroke a few years ago. She gets around pretty good in her wheel chair.

Donovan and Cindy's baby Landon. He is such a doll baby. He just turned 2.

We had a good trip over except we went through the heart of an awful storm. The hail was bad and we thought we might have a cracked windshield but we got through it. Scared all of us though. The lightening was flashing all around us. The boys and I especially did not like that part of it at all.

I had more pictures - maybe they will get posted tomorrow.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lots of kids

My cowgirl granddaughter Sheya. She had watched me work her and was petting Sage and loving on her when I was finished. Sage just loved it.

My BF Ditto

Sheya loving on Ditto in the lane.

And she rode Pepper. We need to let her stirrups down. She had not ridden since last winter and she grew. It was too hot for her to ride too much though for both of them and me watching. But she got about 20 minutes and the sweat was running down her face so we called it a day. If it had not been so hot I would have ridden Raven and we would have gone across the road but just too hot,

Sage did well today. I was again very proud of her.

Have an extra two grandsons and a granddaughter here today. Plus the two that have been here. Tomorrow we go to Marysville and return them to their parents. How quiet the house will be. We will be back Sunday.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A day in the life of......................

I didn't work my lovely today. I did not feel so good this morning. The storm last night kept waking me up. It was pretty awful. I am glad I had the curtains closed so I did not have to see the lightening. I heard it crackling though. It hit a lot of places including a car driving down I90 on the man's way to work.

This was a yoga ball that I bought at a yard sale for Sage to work with. She bit it and this is what I have now.

Lane in his Great Grandpa's hat. He likes hats so Bob will give it to his mother to keep for him. He is afraid he would hurt it.

Sunset last night. We have some pretty ones out here on the plain.

Lane and Isaac being muscle men at the pool today. Funny boys.

I hope the weather calms down tonight, that was scary. And, I want to sleep. The boys slept through it. I was worried they would be afraid.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Muggy Day

Up at the Indian Cliffs view point where we had lunch. Pepper is on your left and Sage on your right. They were tied to dead stumps. Sage was hot and tired by that time and would have stood any where. It is there that we left in a hurry about 15 minutes later.

Bob and Linda.

On a break going up the hill to the vista. We needed to let the horses catch their breath.

Part of our group resting in the shade. This was on our way to the top. The was the clear place I was most worried about with the lightening. We got across it much faster going down. It had kind of blown over but we were worried.

It has been humid today. The boys are siphoning out the pool. It looked pretty gross. They will fill it back up.

I worked with Sage this morning. I didn't saddle her, just worked at changing directions and stopping and roll backs. She does it so well in the round pen. We will see how she does under saddle. I did not ride her because the wind was blowing and I didn't feel quite up to getting my saddle out of the trailer where it still is. Maybe Bob will get it out for me in the morning.

Nothing much else, just kids, house, laundry ect.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Really Long Ride

We left Friday evening for Heyburn State Park near Plummer, Idaho. We took Wrangler, Pepper and Sage. Bob ponies Sage on Saturday. We rode 14 miles. FOURTEEN. Sage did awesome even though Bob had to pull her up the last hill. She said I am tired. She tried to lay down in the creek on our way back. Other than wanting to stop on the last hill, she did absolutely wonderful. Over logs, through brush, along a narrow trail up and down hill. I was so proud of her and wished I was riding her. Although Pepper took good care of me. We stopped to eat lunch at the vista overlooking the lake and miles and miles. We looked up and a big black cloud blew in. I thought, we had better get out of there. The lightening and thunder started when we were just a little way down the mountain. At one point the thunder and lightening were are at the same time and VERY loud. Pepper twitched but did'nt shy. Marilyn's horse jumped a little, Heather and her horse did OK. Wrangler twitched a little and Sage ran up beside him like help me, please. We did out best to get out of there as fast as we could. By the time we got to the open part where I was most worried about, it had blown over. The rest of the group went on a longer trail from the vista and I was worried about them. They were up on the ridge and it was not a safe place to be.
Angela and Ray having breakfast. Angela thought she might start a new trend in apparel.

My friend Cindi. She had a wreck in the storm. He horse bolted sideways and she went the other, rolled over a hill and hit a tree. She thanked her lucky stars she was wearing a helmet. Her arm was numb, scratches on her face and a skinned up knee but otherwise OK and she rode out. I wear a helmet when I ride, even when riding Pepper who is old faithful. Bob wears one too as does Cindi's husband. I have heard a lot of excuses why people don't wear them from it shows I don't trust my horse, or they are hot (they are) but my head is more valuable.

Marilyn and Murphy.

The storm saying bye as it finished blowing over. It didn't even cool it down a whole lot.

As we started for home, he stormy sky. We arrived home about 10:30 last night and I collapsed into bed and slept like a rock

I will have more pictures from my other camera. I don't ride with my good Canon camera. The other one is still in the trailer. Tomorrow I will have more ambition to do more out there. Today after church I lay down and slept through the Mariners game that I was going to watch. I still will sleep tonight.

That was a long ride and this old body of mine takes a little longer to recover. It was about a half an hour more than I would have liked.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

More kids in pictures

Tinkerbell yesterday.

Isn't she a pretty little thing.

Trouble our old kitty. He is 12 or 13 years old. Still lives up to his name.

The peanut as I pulled her from the pool to get ready to go home. We got about half a mile from the house and I glanced into the back seat and she was sound asleep. I had to wake her when we got to her house.

Bob's horse Wrangler. He would sell him to the right person. $2,500 and that is firm. He has been trail ridden in the mountains, pulled a pack horse. I believe anyone could ride him. He is 15h2 and heavy. He is a mustang but is not branded. We adopted his mother and she gave birth to him a couple of months later. She was from Paisley Desert in Oregon. (the same place as Sage). He is about 12.

So my day has been spent cleaning house and getting the living quarters in our trailer ready to go tomorrow. The boys are going to stay with their uncle, aunt and cousins. We are going to be at a ride and dutch oven cooked meal. I am going to ride Pepper and pony the Sage.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

100 Today,

Our Tinkerbell who came to play on the farm in a tutu. She is our Great Grand Daughter. We don't get to see her near often enough.
She is a real ham bone. She really likes her picture taken and will pose how ever you want her to. I took some more pictures today and she just posed all over the place.

Two grandsons and Tinkerbell

Lane in the tree.

Isaac getting ready to climb too.

I did not ride today because my princess pea horse didn't like the way her headstall was on her and she did a little buck around. I promised I would not ride her unless she was calm and that was not the case today. I fixed her bridle and that was better but not completely over it and it was just too hot by the time I got that far. We were both sweating

When I took Arawyn home this afternoon it was 100 on the north side of Spokane. Mercy me. I am glad I have an AC in my car and in my house. The boys played in the pool most of the day. I had to fish her out to take her home.