Sunday, January 5, 2014

I guess if I wait until I have pictures to post, they will all be antiquie.  (Is that a word?)  I can not get my card reader to read my card and put the pictures on here. 

So we had a wonderful Christmas at our daughters homes.  We went to Everett on Monday to stay with Chrissy and to see Nikki in Marysville.  We had Christmas day at Nikki's with all her boys and their families.  It was a wonderful day.  I hated that they all had to work up to Christmas and then the days after but we had evenings and the 26th. Bob and I spent most of the day driving and moseying around the Everett waterfront.  The Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz is in and was sitting in the harbor.  It was an awesome sight for sure.  I can not imagine airplanes landing and taking off on it though.

We were so amazed that there was no snow up on Snoqualmie Pass.  The ski slopes were mostly brown dirt, no snow to speak of.  I feel bad for the people who depend on the snow for their living in the winter.

We came home on Friday, dry roads all the way.  Loved being with family but it is always good to be home. 

New Years Eve was spent quietly at home.  I watched horse training video's until 11:30.  Woke Bob up from the couch, took carrots out to the horses and came in in time to kiss Bob Happy New Year and to fall into bed.  New Years Day was just like any other day. 

Line dancing classes start up tomorrow.  It will keep me with some exercise and Tuesday I am going to start Yoga classes with my friend Lisa.  We neither have done it before but it sounds like something I can do.  She has Fibermyalgia so it should help us both.

Next week I am going to start teaching a Bible Study.  I have not done it for a while but love it and it keeps my mind active.  We are going to do a study called Stuck.  Its about the things in ourselves that keep us from moving ahead spiritually and emotionally.  It looks very good, for the gals and the teacher too.  It is not a study at church, just some gals who want a bible study.  They go to different churches I think.  I am excited to do that too. 

So that is our life over the holidays and up to date.  Can't ride, its too icy but take carrots and apples out to the horses.  They come hurrying when I go out. 

So lest you think I ran off somewhere, no just no pictures and keep trying to figure it out.