Monday, October 10, 2011


Yes, I am home and had a wonderful, fun weekend. The WiFi in the motel was not really good with my laptop so just gave up. I have tons of horse pictures to sort through. I am going to divide up the pictures though. I have so many to share, sharing them all at once would be difficult besides being boring after a while.

So, tonight is just on our trip down to Burns and the first picture of horses.

Let me tell you it was a successful adoption. The high selling horse went for $8,750.00. A 2 year old dark dun stud colt. Many sold for 2,3,4000. I about swallowed my teeth. I will go into that another day but 89 horses sold and about 20 did not all but 3 I believe were stallions at varying ages, mostly older.

The pictures below are on our way down.

This was taken in the rain on a potty stop at Government Camp up on Mt. Hood. We did not see the mountain though. Clouds clouds and more clouds. You would never have known it.

The colors are so vivid this time of the year.

We had lunch at the Black Bear Diner in Madras. Good food.

Could someone tell me what this weird plant is.


The first picture of a horse at the corrals in Burns. This old guy was not adopted, I believe he was 12. He will be on the internet later. I thought he was beautiful. Not what people think a Kiger should look like but he is.

Have stories to tell and pictures to share. Tonight though I am off to bed in my own bed. On top of traveling, I have been fighting a sinus infection. Much better today but it helps zap my energy.