Monday, December 13, 2010

No picture today. This has not been much of a pre Christmas work day. I got woke up by me cell phone at 6:45 AM this morning. It was Bob down at the barn. He was separating cows/calves and needed help. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!I got up and got dressed and went down. Thinking of the time I should be laying in bed relaxing and waiting for him to bring me the paper. He does that almost every single morning. NOT today. We got the calves all penned and he backed up the trailer and it took a while to get 6 large cows loaded. This was the day the cows went to the vet to get preg checked, shots on a couple of them, one dehorned and a couple branded.

While he was gone I took a nap and began wrapping gifts and finishing up some decorating. I heard the truck come back in about 1 and went out to help. The biggest cow Candy, was causing a problem so he shut her in the front stall instead of just being herded in. Well, she decided to go out over the divider and got hung up. We could not get her off and she was going to die on us. I called Shannon and she came and by the time we got her off she just lay there gasping. We got her to roll up on her chest and pretty soon she got up. She is fine but it scared us and we spent quite a while on that job. I guess Bob won't do that again.

By the time we had caught our breath, we let the cows out and loaded the calves and took them next door. Easier to do it that way. The mooing out there may drive us nutty but it won't last long. All the cows will calve in late March or April.

I finished a couple of things today and made a meatloaf for dinner. It was good. After my disaster last week with the stew I was glad this turned out. I do believe it was the meat.