Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B is for Blessed

And I am.


For man reasons but today the main thing is my wonderful horse, Sage. I rode her today in the arena not attached to a lead line or anything. Just she and I. I refused to ride her in the round pen anymore. Bob first put a long line on her and walked beside her, then he took it off and just walked along and then he stood in the center and she just did what ever I asked her to do. It was really awesome. She walks out almost like a Walking horse. She has a long comfy stride. Oh it was wonderful.

There are many reasons for my blessedness. My husband of almost 55 years, my 6 children, my assurances that 2 of them are in heaven, Our 17 grand children, 7 great grand babies, my wonderful friends, some since childhood, my church family and living our dream.

Katie and I went shopping today for her some maternity clothes, she is popping our, some sewing things I needed, a trip to the used book store and to Big R for some things. We had a great time. She shared her Cadbury chocolate with me and then I remembered I had given up chocolate for Lent. Lord I am sorry but it sure was good.

Other than riding which I have already articulated about, that was my day.