Thursday, May 30, 2013

This is this weeks Thinking Thursday.

This my friend Joan Hamant Zoller.  She lives in Moores Hill, Indiana.  When we were in elementary school, 5th. or 6th. grade we became pen pals.  I don't remember how she got my name but it was because her brother was stationed at Ft. Lewis and that is close to where we lived.  We wrote pretty often. 

While we were waiting for a baby to adopt in l971, they came out to Spokane to see us.  The were on there way to Nevada for her to drive a vehicle home which was Cincinnati, Ohio at that time.  She and her husband Ron have three boys.  While we were there the case worker had to make another walk through the house.  It was a mess but I had told her that before she came.  They left and I went back to work on Monday and we got the call they had a baby girl for us.  Now that is another thinking Thursday.

When Tom and Chrissy were 3 and 4 and Steve was going to be a Senior in high school we decided to make a trip to Tennessee and got by way of Moores Hill.  They have moved there after our last visit.

We stayed several days and had such a wonderful time.  Then we went on to Sharon and Brownies. 

Several times when I was there visiting she came down to see me.  Her husband is in very poor health so I don't think they are traveling anywhere any more.  Her boys and grown and have children.  I would like to see her again.  Face Book doesn't cut it for a face to face visit and a hug from someone who has been a friend for all those years.

Miss you Joan,