Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally Some Answers

Bob was slicing some turkey for sandwiches and he had an adoring audience. They wanted a piece.
Mt. Spokane through the windshield on our way to the doctor. It was so pretty sitting up there.

Bob had a good doctor appointment and we finally got some answers from the doctor. He had gone to the chiropractor that did help his back but not his leg. He went to the ER and they took an ultrasound of his leg checking for blood clots, no blood clot. The Xrayed to check for a broken bone, no broken bone and still pain that leveled him. Have never seen him in pain like this. It took our family doctor not long at all to find a tear in the muscle of his calf and when he stood up it would irritate the nerve and then it would feel like a white hot knife in his calf. It will take time, but he gave him some really powerful pain killers so maybe he can get some sleep. The he is to wrap it snugly whenever he is going to be on it. So we will try this.

Katie did chores for us this evening because we were not home yet. She was a little leery of Sage because she had never handled her. I got a text a while ago saying she was awesome. I knew it of course.

A long day, Blessings.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Sunny Sunday

I am still going through pictures and I came across a stack of my Sierra Nevada. She was my yearling Mustang Makeover that I did a few years ago. It brought back some really wonderful memories

She was a silly girl. I went up to the porch to talk to Bob through the screen door and instead of standing on the ground to wait for me, up she came right up on to the porch. She would follow me just about anywhere.

She was a pretty little thing wasn't she. I don't have a recent picture of her. The lady that adopted sends me some periodically. She grew into a pretty big girl. I loved her a lot and it was hard to let her go. She went to a good home though.
Got the stalls all cleaned out today. Played with Sage a bit and took a good nap. I have been really hungry for a turkey sandwich so I fixed a breast of turkey for dinner today. Now I can have a few sandwiches. It was a good dinner if I do say so.
The sun shone and it was a beautiful day however, it was cold and is getting colder. I don't care as long as the sun is shining. Hope your weekend was good. Blessings

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday Bob and I put up a new pen for Sage. She seems to like it OK. Today I tied white plastic bags around (thank you Walmart, usually I recycle them) the pen. They did not seem to bother her too much. Although she had her ears perked up most of the day. She came right to me this evening. Bob was tarping some hay when I was putting her in and she stopped in her tracks and was watching. She thought that big blue thing was coming after her I guess although she did not try to run.

My tummy is OK. Unless I eat too much and then it hurts. It certainly is helping my portion control. Bob's calf is still almost unbearable pain most of the time. Sometimes he just forces himself like building the pen yesterday. But he has suffered for it today. Back to the doctor on Monday if it isn't much much better.

We moved Sage and Amelia into different stalls yesterday. Bob finished the 4th. one so Sage has a new room. I cleaned them both today. The other two got ahead of me so am glad there was a place to move them.

I will be sending an e mail to the Mustang Club this evening. We had a very good meeting yesterday evening. It was so good to see every one.

Take care my friends, I think winter is returning full blast. Oh well. Blessings.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fog and Sun

If you want to know how I feel about our weather, go read my friend Linda's blog - Beautiful Mustang. She doesn't live far from me and I don't want to whine any more here about the weather so go read hers. We both have the same opinion of this mud. Almost sucks your boots right off of your feet.

Despite the mud, I played with Sage for a bit with the plastic bag on the stick. She smelled it right off the bat and let me rub her face with it. Then I could rub it all over her back and side. The legs cause her to jump so we will work more with that. She loves apples. She even took a piece of apple from Katie. Then licked her hand to get all the juice.

I keep worrying about getting on for her first ride . She is so big and my legs are so short. It scares me to think about it and yet I want to be riding her. I may have to send her out for that. I don't know, I am several months behind my schedule (in my head) of where I wanted to be.

Some of you wonder how I read so many books in spurts. I have a book by my bed, by my chair, in my purse ect. Sometimes I finish one or two within a day or so but have been reading for a while. And when I have a night that I can't sleep which happens more often than I would want, I have been known to read a whole book.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weather Forecast: Grey and Foggy

My oldest little boys in 1964, Easter. You can tell who had been eating chocolate. That would be Scott.
They had been fishing for the first time and caught those fish. I think they are 3 and 4 at that time.

October 12, 1957. A couple of kids who had no clue what was ahead.

Myers, Kentucky founded by my relatives. My maiden name is Myers. There is an old abandoned cemetery full of Myers headstones. I wanted to take one but it was too heavy for Sharon and I to get.

My Grandma, Myrtle Foreman, My mother Elsa Gjerness (she may have still been Myers then), Me and our firstborn Steven.

Bob and his Grandma Hannah Lea Williams. As some of you know, my dad and Bob's dad were long time friends. So, they knew Hannah. I am named after her.

One of my favorite pictures of Bob. It was taken on a camp out with the Back Country Horsemen by our friend Bernie Lionberger.

A horse drawn horse hearse that one of our neighbors had. I wanted to buy it but they wanted way way more than I could afford. They did sell it. I don't know why I wanted it but it intrigued me.

Bob bought these spurs when he was 12 at a feed store in Puyallup for $12.00. They have been appraised for over $300.00 a few years ago. Probably more now.
I feel better today but my stomach still hurts when I eat anything. Soup has all that entered my mouth today.
Hope your day tomorrow is wonderful. Blessings.

Getting closer to 1000

674 - Talented Granddaughter who made me a necklace
675 - The gift of smell
676 - Ferry rides
677 - Teal Blue
678 - Campho Phenique
679 - Watching Sailboats
680 - Great neighbors
681 - God Bless America (the song)
682 - Bone china tea cups
683 - Carnival glass dishes
684 - Commentaries of the bible
685 - Different translations of the Bible
686 - My mothers hot chocolate set
687 - Reminiscing
688 - Baked sweet potatoes
689 - Hot apple pie with ice cream
690 - Hot tub sits
691 - Scanners
692 - Stock water tank heaters
693 - Great Grandson Andrew's 18th. birthday
694 - Little boys in white shirts and ties

Monday, January 24, 2011

Freezing Rain

I just won a championship. Rosie and I were (are) quite a pair.
Yuma shortly after we adopted him. He was so cute..Still is of course but he was little and sweet.

Our oldest granddaughter Deanna and our oldest great grandson Andrew. He turned 18 yesterday. That does not seem possible. They live in Delaware.

Our Chrissy on her Adoption Day. She and Tom were adopted the same day but have not come upon his picture yet.

My Daddy -the shorter one- and Uncle George. Uncle George is celebrating his 95th. birthday this year.

The home I lived in and started school from. Went through the 6th. grade. It is in Parkland, Washington which is a suburb of Tacoma.

The last of the kitties to be dumped off here. Hate it, not the kitties, the dumping off.

Rough and Ready our young roosters.

Bob coming back from feeding cows this morning. I did the horse/chicken chores and he did that. He did it all this evening because my stomach seems to have got some kind of a bug.

All the snow that is left.

Sunning themselves yesterday morning. Don't they look relaxed.
Am just laying around because I don't feel good at all. Be back tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Suny Day

Bob's leg kept him awake most of the night so we didn't go to church. I had a Horse Show meeting at 1 so I layed around till then. Bob insists on trying to do things outside and we had a real "discussion" this morning about him taking something for the pain. He finally did. He hates pills but if you can't sleep because it hurts so bad it seems to me, and what do I know I am only the wife, that he should take something. Oh well. He will just have to live with it. Are all men that stubborn.

Sage is just sweet as can be. She really tried to find an apple in my hand tonight when I put her in. I didn't have any. She still walked beside me like a perfect lady. Hope tomorrow is as nice so I can work with her some more. Just did not have what it took today.

Loved the sun today. The little dogs lay on the floor in our bedroom soaking it up this morning. It was cute.

Hope your weekend was great. Blessings.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Day

A much better day. Bob's back is fine, his calf still hurts. I am wondering if wrapping it would help. Don't know. Anyway, a good day in this neighborhood.
My sweet Sage waiting for her apple. She is a little spoiled. That's OK.

The view from my front porch this evening.
Our Chickie's getting ready to go to bed. We must find a market for our eggs. We get about 15 a day.

What the footing looks like outside the barn. Not fun.

Cody. His mom hasn't been out for a while but she will be when the roads are OK.

Emma. Still a question about her.

Yesterday the ice on the front steps. We didn't use that door.

The sun shone today. What a relief.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A better day Maybe

What would I take pictures of today, it rained. Ugly rain and it froze the instant it hit the ground. That left us with ice covering everything. I went to get the paper across our road and thought, I should have ice skates. A solid glare of ice shone back at me. I inched my way over and back without falling - a miracle maybe. There were 45 accidents in a half mile or so on the freeway downtown. The police could hardly walk. They finally told everyone to get off the road and stay home. It was better this afternoon.

Bob's leg is still very painful but his back is better and he can walk gingerly. He is frustrated with his leg but the doctor told him it would just take a while to get it well. He is not known for his patience. I still am doing the chores night and morning with the neighbor taking care of the cows. I don't mind at all. Love my ponies. I did not put the two out today. I did not want them to walk on frozen icy mud.

Nothing much else around here. I tried a recipe I found in a Western Horsemen magazine. Potatoes, bacon, jalapenos and onions and 2 cans of lemon lime soda. Of course some spices. I liked it a lot, Bob not being crazy about potatoes wasn't so sold on it.

Have a good Saturday - Blessings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tough time

Well, Bob is on the road to recovery. Sometimes it seems like things come in a pile. Yesterday we spent a good part of the afternoon at the ER at Deaconess Hospital. Bob's leg swelled up big. I was so afraid of a blood clot. After an ultra sound, x rays and exams by several doctors his leg has muscle damage from him dropping a bale of hay on it a couple of weeks ago and pinning it against the bucket of the tractor. Now it is just time. He is walking better today. He has used a cane a little but the walker is folded up. I don't know what I would have done about the chores if John our neighbor did not come and help me with the things that are tough for me.

He has been feeding the cows and doing the watering. I am so grateful. Consequently I have not had time to work with Sage. Just put her in and out every day. I took her an apple yesterday and today she kind of mugged me looking for apples. She likes horse cookies but is crazy about apples.

To top it all off today coming back from the mail box I was walking west and one foot went north and west and the other south and east. I didn't fall but have kind of a sore knee. I am glad no one was watching.

Tomorrow must be better: Blessings.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hard Day

On Sunday evening Bob began telling me his back and leg hurt. He got progressively worse until this morning he could not walk. I took him to his chiropractor who worked on his back but was told if his calf got worse to take him to the ER. So I am watching it. He borrowed a walker, that gave him more support walking than a cane or crutches. And then to top it off, we got 2/3 inches of fresh snow this evening. It was tough driving home from the Spokane Valley at peak rush hour time with snow falling like mad. People on the freeway just seem to drive the same speed no matter what.]

So that was my day. Darn. Just put Sage out and in and picked her and Amelia's stall. Other than feeding them that was my horse time today.


Monday, January 17, 2011

On the road again------------------

Getting Closer

653 - Quail
654 - Paula Deen
655 - Cardigan sweaters
656 - Grandchildren that just call when there is something exciting in their lives
657 - Figuring stuff out on the computer by myself occasionally
658 - Lide Hamilton
659 - A saying I heard in church "The Titanic was built by professionals and the Ark was built by an amateur
660 - Not falling on the ice
661 - The presidents speech in Tucson
662 - Healing
663 - Days to work with Sage
664 - Good mud boots
665 - The gift of taste
666 - A step stool because I am vertically challenged
667 - Celebrating a daughters birthday
668 - Orca Whales
669 - Old Valentines
670 - Woodland Park Zoo
671 - Pt. Defiance Zoo
671 - Meatloaf
672 - San Juan Islands

Happy Birthday Chrissy

Today was our lovely daughter Christyn June's birthday. We had her, her kids and her partner for dinner and cake. She had a happy afternoon. Wendy had to go to work at 6:30 so we had an early dinner.
Chrissy ad her girls.

Her son Skyelor playing with Pistol.
We had a grand evening. She wanted meatloaf so meatloaf we had. Bob can hardly get around because his back is really acting up. He can't walk, not do much of anything without turning grey with the pain. Tomorrow the doctor. But today when I had dinner about ready he told me he couldn't do the chores. So, Chrissy finished her birthday dinner and Wendy and I did the chores. Bless her heart. I could have done them but not in the amount of time it took both of us. I picked the horses stalls earlier so that didn't have to be done. I felt bad leaving Chrissy to the dinner but she would have much rather done that than horse feeding.
I didn't get to go work with Sage today but I did put her in and out and give her a treat and petted her good. She has such soft eyes. I just love them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thanks Cameron

Thanks loads Cameron for helping me today. I did not have any blogger pictures so I just scanned some older pictures. This is at a horse show in Pasco the first year Rosie competed. My position isn't so great but we were both learning.

This was a show in Walla Walla. She is such an awesome pony.
A few years ago we were up in the San Juan Islands. We certainly were excited about the show the Orca's put on for us. It was soooooo cool.

Our Lily and her first baby when the baby was only 1/2 hrs. old. She was a spitfire.

One of the funniest pictures I have of my sister. It was up on San Juan Island. We had climbed this little hill. I waited for her like a good sister.

Another show in Pasco. She loves to pull things.

Yet another horse show. It was out in the Valley Mission Arena. I had just won the Sr. Showmanship class.
I worked with Sage some today. The wind was really blowing hard though and horses think they are Pegasus when conditions are like that. She did pretty well. I used the white bag again just on the ground and letting her smell it and snort. She let me swing it back and forth on the ground. We left it at that because she was being good.
Bob and I got the stalls cleaned today and bedded. That is a hard job. But, it is done. Bob has just about finished the stall he has been working on. We wish we were rich so we could hire it done and then hire someone to clean the stalls for us.
Well, the Seahawks are done but they went much farther than ANY ONE thought they could. Now I have to figure out who to root for. Dustin will tell me (grandson).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

More looking back

Still no help with my picture issue so back to some old ones.
This is one of my favorite pictures at the corrals in Burns. It was several years ago but still love it.
My sister and I a few years ago in her front yard. It was a chilly and windy day.

Sharon and I on her front porch.

These are Wynona Judd's horses at the back of her property. There were more in another pasture too. I wonder what she does with the draft horses?

Sharon last summer when they were here.
I worked with Sage today. Could rub down her legs to her feet. She had not forgotten that. I worked with the plastic bag too. I just held it out to her at ground level and when she looked at it and lowered her head I took it away and then put it back. By the time I quit I was swishing it back and forth from behind me to her nose. She is taking treats from my hand. I know that's not a big thing to brag about but she would have nothing to do with them before. I was so proud of her.
Bob almost has another stall done in the barn. That will give us 4 12 x 12 stalls. We have 3 now. And then have one more to build. I am so happy they are getting done.
I don't know whether to put my sleigh away or not. I was having so much fun with it and then the rains came down. Now the snow is pretty much gone and the ice is too. Can work with Sage in the mud. Not on the ice so its a this or that kind of thing.
Bob and I are off to an Back Country Horsemen meeting tonight. Have a wonderful Sunday (go Seahawks)