Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Crud

On our Christmas Eve roaming we got to see the big Whidby Island Ferry coming in.  I love riding the just anywhere but we didn't have time that afternoon.  They are so big.  I hate being the first car on though.  I always think we are to shoot right out into the water.  My favorite ferry ride is out of Anacortes to the San Juan Islands.  We have not done for a long time.
These boots were one of the things I got for Christmas.  Love them, just what I wanted.  They have a comfortable walking heel and you can ride in the.

We still have this crud going around.  We both seem better today.  I am glad.   I have trouble laying down because I cough worse but at least I feel like my head is remaining in place.

I have a little thing going here. My list of people who have read my post is growing.  Nearing 40,000.  Then it reaches there and the person has commented - you will get a prize.  Don't know yet but keep watching.