Saturday, October 6, 2012

Katie and Rosie

When Katie got off Rosie she gave her an apple fresh off the tree.  She ate it then licked her lips so she would get all the yummy  juice.
 Katie was determined to ride one more time before the baby comes so she got on Rosie and rode bareback
She had a hard time getting on.  Even as tall as she is and as short as Rosie is, Nine months pregnant makes getting on a challenge. 

Today I went to the quilt auction.  Will have to post pictures tomorrow.  The high selling quilt went for $5,500.00.  I want those people to adopt me.  It was lovely hand done, the entire thing.  It was a great day especially spending it with Nikki and her friend Rita.  And Rita's family. 

Hope your Sunday is great.


I don't know if the top picture of Rosie is going to come or not.  It disappeared on my screen.