Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guest Post-Bob

A few days I was on a rant about a letting in the Spokesman Review that offended me. Ultimately i did write a response and it was pulished. Bob wrote one also in case mine was not published and I would like to print it here.

L Moffats leter concerning the wild horses is a heart felt concern. The problem is, it is heart felt. Unfortantely it is a lot more comlicated that that. The wild horse is a ferral animal, not a natie species.

The horse will eat grass as close to the ground as a sheep where they are limited by the area let to them by private land, population ect. They have to be limited in number to remain as healthy as she saw them.

Where cows are allowed on grazing leases they are monitored and removed before they Can over graze an area. Before the late l970's the feral horses were considered a nuisance and were shot, captured for dog food or rounded up, herded into a pit and shot and buried.

BLM's mandate to regulate this is not perfect for every horse or for us the tax payer who support it. But it sure beats their fate in the past.

Please let people use common sense and science instead of just the heart. I am 72 years sol and feed 10 mustangs every night and morning. How many will L. Moffat like a her home.

I figured it out

Yesterdays post was pretty pathetic huh? Sorry, can't be brilliant all the time. LOL Brilliant, well maybe just a little once in a while.
Sage being led to the round pen. She was mincing along on ice.

Amelia too walking very carefully.

Sunset last night. That is pretty accurate colors. I am so blessed by them. They always make the evening calmer.

I don't know what the plant/flower is but its beautiful. Laura and Alexa brought it to me yesterday. Love it. It matches the sunset.
A really unexciting (is that a word?) day. We went to church, had our maple bar on the way home and just layed around all day. I took a nap and that's about it. I must get to some things tomorrow. Its really cold out. It is supposed to be about 10 tonight. I don't mind if I don't have to be outside in it.
Blessings on this Sunday evening -