Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Rainy Day

Pistol and her brother Paco playing. His owners came over for a while and brought him to play. They tore around. Shannan gave Pistol her second shot and then she didn't feel like rough housing any more. They look like twins, except Paco is larger.
It has rained most of the day and we didn't do much at all. Steve is working on the inside of the barn and we spent some time down visiting with him while he worked. A pretty slow moving day. It feels like a weekend with Bob home now.
More of my 1000 list of blessings.
311 Sharp kitchen knives
312 Pinking shears
313 My very own kitchen tools
314 Puppy shots
315 Pull along suitcases
316 Chrissy singing Amazing Grace
317 Sweet smelling candles
318 Neighbors who share

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Lazy Day For Me

When we got home from church I changed clothes and lay down to take a nap. Bob went to get a load of hay. When I woke up and took Pistol out this is what I found in my back yard. Both donkeys and Ditto were dining on the lawn. It always happens when Bob is gone of course.
I put Pistol in the house, went and got a halter and lead rope and put them on Chemmy. He was the closest to me. I led him over and through the open gate and Yuma and Ditto followed behind. Not a big trouble but never happens when Bob is home.

Before I went to sleep I wanted Pistol and Skeeter playing. They are playing tug a war with one of Skeeters toys. They had such a good time. When he got tired, Pistol lay down and zonked for her own nap and Skeeter took his toy up on our bed where no one could get it.

On our way to church we saw this beautiful 4 point buck standing in the field. It is such a good way to start the day.

1000 blessing continued
296 Salvation Army
297 Teen Challenge
298 Youth For Christ
299 Youth With A Mission
300 Youth Pastors
301 Mail delivery
302 A hot shower after a cold day
303 Hot Tubs
304 Generosity
305 Tooth brushes
306 Tooth Paste
307 Window Blinds
308 Welcome Mats
309 Screen doors
310 Lisa and Greg

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A chilly day

Emma about to be petted and she let him.

He rubbed clear up her neck to behind her ears and to back to her hip. She won't let him touch her face yet. That will come though.

I just worked a little with Sage in her pen. My back is still sore and that makes it hard. I did rattle the plastic jugs and she did not freak out for the first time so that is progress.

This evening we went into Spokane to the Spokane tribe of Indians Pow Wow.

The symbol of Spokane in the heart of Riverfront Park. The clock tower. It was originally part of the old railroad depot.

The beginning of the grand entry.

The costumes are so awesome.

This lady danced in the Grandmothers Dance. I loved her outfit. It was exquisite.

Girls in the grand entry as part of the Shawl Dancers. It was all beautiful to watch. We didn't stay too awfully long. It got pretty cool down along the river. We were sitting on the grass and it got down right cold. A fun evening.
On with my list.
291 The fires are under control
292 The Red Cross
293 Yard Sales
294 A good well
295 Answered Prayers
Until Tomorrow, blessings

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Long Day

I spent the day driving to where Nikki and her friend Anita were staying and playing for a few days. I returned Isaac to her. We spent time at the pool and spa. I thought the water was not warm enough in the pool so the hot tub and I enjoyed each other. I believe this is Anita's son Lee. They look so much alike I get confused
I know this is Dru. He turns four soon.

Nikki and Isaac

Anita and Eli. He is about 18 months old. Not too wild about the pool.

And this is Ian. He has gotten so tall since I saw them last.
It was a good day but I am really tired out.
277 Christmas Music
278 Christmas lights
279 Hooded sweatshirts
280 simple directions
281 Horse treats
282 fussy warm socks
283 days with no schedules
284 Bob's job ended today
285 fancy belt buckles
286 riding with a helmet
287 Free Willy
288 Sound Of Music
289 Lady and the Tramp
290 My Fair Lady
Its cooler here today. Blessings

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mustang Club Meeting

No pictures today. Had our Mustang Club meeting this early evening in our backyard in the midst of 45 mph winds, dust and smoke. Not what I had envisioned but.........we had a good time. We talked about next years Mustang Days and I think we will be doing about the same thing. Lots of things we can be collecting over the winter to be ready. Prize/award things. I have a list if anyone wants to donate something to us.

We did schedule a ride at Heyburn State Park on September 11th. Hope that it is well attended. Everyone is invited. Foot in the stirrup at 10.00 AM. Heyburn is down near St. Maries, Idaho.

The wind was so awful I did not do much with Sage nor Bob with Emma. He talked to Emma and I showed off how sweet Sage is by going in and rubbing her neck and bouncing around beside her.

Tomorrow I am taking Issac to his mother at Crescent Bar on the Columbia River this side of Wenatchee. He is looking forward to seeing his mama.

My list goes on -
260 Delete Buttons
261 Flip Flops
262 Promises Kept
263 Gathering of friends
264 photos of family
265 soft fluffy bath towels
266 Accurate weather forecasting
267 Grandpa taking grandsons fishing
268 filing cabinets
269 Greeting cards
270My own set of towels
271 First ripe tomato
272 Contact Paper
273 Rope Reins
274 Fresh mangoes
275 Fresh Pineapple
276 Grapes


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A really good day

Sages first time being tied up. She stood there about an hour with us moving around and Bob working with Emma in the round pen. She did not pull back one time. I was so proud of her. I put the saddle pad and the surcingle on her and she just stood there.
She let Bob pick up her foot. He had to try a couple of times but she did so good.

Bob working with Emma. He put the rope on her and then walked up to her and rubbed her neck. He led her around a bit and then rubbed her neck some more. He can not walk up to her with out the rope but that will come.

When Bob finished with Emma I took Sage in and ground drove her some. She just does good. I was glad Bob was there to take a picture.
Tomorrow is our Mustang Club bbq. The weather is supposed to be windy but we will do our best and have fun.
249. Ditto
250. Free Range Chickens
251. My mothers burrito recipe
252. Lack of prejudice
253. Redoing the barn
254. Weed free hay
255. Electronic cleaning wipes
256. Staplers
257. Volume control on anything
258. Off/on switches
259. Polite police officers
That is all for today. Blessings

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to the Horses

Here is my Sage. She could care less if she has stuff on her back. Just no big deal. She did not even mind me cinching it up too much. Hip Hip Hooray. I think I could have climbed on but good sense over rode my idea.

Today I ground drove her. She did what I asked. I did try to get the bridle on her but I am not tall enough. Bob will have to help me with that. That and my back has decided to go on strike today.
It was hard to take pictures and accomplish my challenge for today.

She just did not care at all.

Isaac is with us this week and he was watching over then fence.

Isaac riding Shannon's big mule Skeeter. He did so well. Both of them.

Bob working with Emma. He is rubbing her shoulder. I don't think she liked it much but at least she didn't bolt off.

Sunday Stills on Tuesday. No the tree is not growing out of the statues head. LOL. The challenge was a statue. This is from my folders.
A good day. I was so proud of Sage. I also picked up both her front feet as best I could with my back today. I hate it when it gets like this.
Shannon came down with her molly mule that she has for sale for me to take pictures of. She is young but is going to mature into a nice man sized mule. She ponied her down here on Skeeter. If ever I was to want a mule it would have to be like Skeeter. He is great.
If you are part of our mustang club remember the bbq on Thursday. It will be fun.
Back to my Thousand Blessings
231 The smell of salt water
232 Grandchildren visits
233 Fresh Basil
234 They found the little girl that was lost from a campground in NE Washington alive and well after 2 days. She said she was brave.
235 Positive People
236 Shannon
237 40 Days of Love (program coming up at church)
238self sticking stamps
239 Pull and still envelopes
240 Canned air
241 ice cubes
242 Red fingernail polish
243 Ibuprofen
244 Pink toenails
245 sound sleep
246 strong backs
247 ice makers
248 Recipes for new things
Hope I have not repeated myself yet. Bless you all

Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Again and alot of pictures

There are a bunch of pictures here but I could not pick any less. I took a couple of hundred pictures with 2 cameras. If you read Nikki's blog, Nikki's Life With Boys you will see some of these pictures there. She took my pictures. LOL. Actually she made a copy of both of ours but I happen to have taken a couple of hers. That's OK.
This is Nikki and Lane just after we got to Kayak Point. Its a wonderful place.

Poor Skeeter. He got so tangled up and by the end of the day had shredded his leash several times.
Bob's nieces husband Doug

My sister in law Jackie and an uninvited guest. She had a stroke last year.

Bob's cousin Jim

Lilianna fishing. I don't think she had a hook on.

Tyler and his girlfriend Stephanie

Skylor and I stuttered, he got here twice.




Pistol hitching a ride

Don't know what they built but they had fun.

Not part of our group but had never seen that type board before.

Being entertained






Watching us watching him

Looking for octopus.

Our car got dripped on by a maple tree. Bob hired the girls to wash it. They did a really good job too.
That was our weekend. A good day, good weather, good conversations with family we have not seen for a long time.
Additions to my thousand thankfulness list. Its getting so it takes me thought. I look at Marlene's list and that makes me think of things too.
213. My MP3 player
214 Indoor bathrooms
215 Farmers Markets
216 Horse print fabric
217 Volunteers
218 Wicker Furniture
219 Kayak Point6
220 Bug Spray
221 Meerkats
222 Linda Lael Miller
223 Trail Mix
224 A husband who handles the bills
225 A daughter that can fix my computer from afar
226 Toyota Camrys
227 HGTV
228 Driving Miss Daisy
229 Sleepless in Seattle
230 Lemonade Pie
Blessings to all - tomorrow back to horses. Have some good news with Sage.