Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chico got weaned this week and he is very sad.  He has quit calling for his mother and his mother just went out to the pasture on a run and has never looked back.  Sage has taken over the comforting of him.  She is one side of the fence and Ditto is on the other but Ditto isn't paying much attention.  When I take Sage out to ride, he gets upset but she doesn't.

Had another picture of Chico but while I was working on getting it to where I wanted it, it went away.  Me and computers.

We are having marvelous weather.  Not warm but sunny and bright.  Perfect Indian Summer weather.

I have been riding Sage almost every day.  She is such fun to ride most of the time.  No sign of buck or rearing.  Her only real bad thing she does is stop.  Just stop and won't go.  Circles work wonderful though and then she thinks yes I better go.  Love that girl so much.  In fact, I am off now to go saddle her up and take a ride.