Friday, April 16, 2010

Purple is for Royalty - Queen

Today was day l in her beginning to be my saddle horse. She readily ate hay from my hand off and on all day. She let me rub her nose a few seconds several time. Tomorrow I hope to get a hand on the rope but am trying to set my expectations aside and just do what we can as soon as we can.
This is her hip. Can you imagine the size she will be when she is done growing. Oh me oh me. Everyone that has come to see her comments on her size. I may have to go to my old wider saddle on her.

Yesterday I guess I only showed one side of her. This is the other. A lot more black than white. That is just fine. Have had a horse that was more white than brown and she gets to be a big mess and when I was showing her it was awful. Under a blanket and a hood she could get poop on her neck. Used to upset me.

Her big feet. Really big bones and big feet. She makes Rusty look like a pony.

Another view of this side.
We spent as half an hour at a time 4 or 5 times today. She got over being quite as nervous. A lot better in fact. She is very inquisitive. Love that.
Lindy is still lame but better and her feet are perfectly normal temp. She is sick and tired of being stalled up but she does not need to be walking around. Katie hand walked her for about 5 minutes. Don't want her stocking up on top of it. She still thinks we are trying to starve her to death but I keep assuring her that its for her own good.
Katie was here today with her Cameron and showed me how to do some things with my phone. The guy where I got it showed me how but he talked so fast and went over it so fast I didn't get much of it to stick in my brain. I appreciated her help.
Love this warm weather and love being able to get outside to do things.