Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America

My sweet friend Kim surprised me today right after we got home from church. She had her grand kids with her. She was taking them home to Everett. They are sweet, beautiful children and I was thrilled to see them again. They had a good time with Skeeter and he with them. Please pray for that family. Her mother is ill with a recurrence of cancer. s
I hope you have all thought about why we celebrate today. What we really celebrate. Our freedoms. Stop to think about how many we have. If you think about another country - Sudan, China, Iraq and think of what we have. Freedom to move about, freedom to worship how we choose, freedom to wear what we want, freedom to say what we want even if it does not sound nice. That is just a drop of the bucket. All because we live in this country. Happy Birthday America. Fireworks are illegal here but if you live where they are, be safe.