Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friday, June 27th

Here it is Friday already. Tonight was our Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club. It started off all on the wrong foot when we arrived and the restaurant was closed. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. They will hear from me tomorrow or Monday.

We planned a trail ride for Sept. 13Th. at Marie Creek. It will be fun. I was thinking July but the rest of the group thought that was too close to get it well organized. They are probably right.

Did not do too much with Sierra today. I did her half hour of trotting. Then we went in and out of the trailer as a reminder. She did fine. She did not escape her stall today. She is quite an escape artist when she want to be.


Did not get to Sierra until late afternoon. Just had to get my house cleaned and stuff organized for dinner. We had friends here for a BBQ this evening. It was fun.

Sierra and I had publicity pictures taken today. Will have to figure out where to submit them. He will put them on a disc and mail it to me tomorrow. I am glad to have them. She was pretty good standing for a lengthy amount of town. I put her pretty new lavender halter/lead on her and it has a name plate on the halter. Still am wondering if I will be able to let it go with her.

She was really good when I did work with her before the photographer came. Did not do a lot of things, trotted her for 10 minutes instead of 30 and then brushed and brushed her and put horsey makeup on the nose and around her eyes. She did not like it too much and a little gel on her mail and forelock so they would lay down nicely. She is so pretty. Of course I might be a little prejudiced?