Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Second Day of Christmas

2 puppies playing..........................My version of the song. That is Skeeter and Bolt on my bed. Why did I put a white bedspread on? Not too bright huh? Oh well, it washes and they had fun.

I LONG for a sunny day. I get so down in the dumps with it this way. Hate it but can't seem to get on top of it. I love this time of year and its a struggle every year to keep a smile upon my face. I did get back to sewing today and got two more of what I am making done. Have a third one almost done. Would tell you but people read this that I don't want them to know what it is.

My good friend Tracey leaves tomorrow for Burns Oregon to pick up her Extreme Mustang Challenge horse for this newest of challenges. It will be in Albany, Oregon in March. That means she will have to gentle the horse and do all the training she can in 90 days. She did it last year also and then brought Sandy home to stay. You have that option, bring home with the adoption fees waived, or put the horse up for adoption and recoup some of what you have spent. I am planning to go to Albany to see her exhibit her horse. At least at this moment I am and it would give me another chance to see my uncle in Tigard, Oregon. Maybe if I justify it that way Bob will go with me. OR maybe someone from here is going and we can carpool and share expenses. That is a way off though.

Tomorrow I asked Tyler to get the Christmas tree box out. Don't know if I will put it up or not, I know it won't get decorated but want to see if the space I have allocated is large enough. I love our tree, it is just the right size and the lights are attached. That is the part that always made decorating the tree irritating to me.

And Joy, I do not have a green thumb. My Christmas Cactus always bloomed at Easter which I thought was odd and told it so. Last year it bloomed at Christmas and I was shocked. And I was again this year when I saw all the buds on it. It pretty much gets ignored the rest of the year. I water when I think of it. I think I will re-pot it when its done this time. Unless I shouldn't, I don't know. It looks too big for the pot. I usually kill plants quicker than you can snap your fingers. I had an ivy that I really babied and tended to the best of my ability. It was kind of a sentimental plant, someone sent it to me when Scott died and last summer, it died. Dead as a doornail. So no green thumb, just incredible luck.

Found a blog of a friend I met in Odessa in April on Beautiful Mustang's blog. Debby has a mustang named Wendy. We had fun riding that weekend. That was fun.

I will have to think of 3 things tomorrow to add to my silly song.