Friday, October 21, 2011

1000 Blessings - Getting Closer

926. Sunflowers
927. Fresh Green beans
928. A freezer full of home grown stuff
929 Fresh Broccoli
930. My sewing machine repaired
931. A son's birthday
932. Tom's medical procedure was negative
933. Indian Summer
934. An assurance of Heaven when friends pass away
935. Snugly sweaters for cool evenings
936. Grandchildren's birthday parties
937. Another trip with Nikki
938. Seeing the beautiful mustangs in the wild
939. 54 years with my best friend
940. Falling leaves to walk through
941. Listening to the coyotes sing
942. Watching the big flocks of geese fly over
943. A friend passing books along
944, A successful mustang adoption in Burns, Oregon
945. Finding just the right van that Bob's brother needed
946. Maple bars after church
947. A great yard sale
948. 911 responders who are quick to respond to an emergency
949. Meeting new neighbors
950. Friends getting us an anniversary cake.
951. A granddaughter turning 14
952. A granddaughter-in-law who celebrated her birthday
953. Mail in ballots
954. Hershey Hugs
955. Young people using their talents for the Lord