Friday, August 22, 2008

A good day

The first picture is our pretty girls face. Rusty is doing very well. I can not handle that long pole well and she let me get quite close to her so I ditched the bamboo pole and went to my Handy Stick or whatever you call it. I rubbed all over her back and neck with it. I picked up the rope and was able to touch her nose without too much of a to do and then I scratched her neck. She gave to the rope and took a couple of steps toward me. Bob has been sitting in a chair in the middle of her pen. But he and his leg are still incapacitated and doing more is forbidden. He did touch her nose last night as she was eating her hay out of his lap. She doesn't want to be scared but can't help it.
The last picture is our grandson Tyler ground driving Liberty. She is the 10 year old mare that our neighbors abandoned. At 9 she had never been touched. She takes a little more to get things done but is trying. Tyler has done it all. He had never done anything with horses except when they came to visit. He is learning and loves it. We love it too.
Had a long talk with Tracey last night. That was a good visit. I sure wish we lived closer. She lives in Bellingham over in the NW corner of our state. She has a real passion for mustangs and I do think she could sell ice to the Eskimos. Enjoy her friendship so much.
I am hoping to go to the Lincoln County fair tomorrow morning to see Dusty Roller give a demo with his Makeover Horse 08. He is a good trainer. Would really like to watch him and see what he has accomplished with his horse. He is a QH guy.