Friday, October 31, 2008


Our outside dog Maggie looking very sad because Bob has been gone a week. She thinks he has deserted us. Maybe I am too. He has been gone over a week now.

I had an experience putting my "girls" in their stalls tonight. Abby and Pepper got to the gate and pushed their way right out. So I had a mare in her stall (Ditto) and three other horses out. Dixie went to her stall sneaking so Abby and Pepper would not follow her. I caught Pepper with a hay string (Joy, a hay string is what they tied the bale closed with. A string on each side. They used to use wire but now its string) and got another string on Abby and got them back in. they thought they could take advantage of me. Of course Tyler is not here this evening. They would not have challenged two of us.

Another dog story. Skeeter, my year old poodle who is very attached to me wherever I go, was here in the bedroom with me. I have a box of Kleenex on the floor by my bed. I heard this noise and I looked over and he was methodically pulling the Kleenex out one at a time. It was so funny I could have watched him continue but thought perhaps he should know that wasn't what I wanted him to do. He is now laying at my feet.

No trick or treater's as usual out here. I always get a little candy just in case and leave the porch light on but not one that I can take a picture of. I used to have a little neighbor boy come by but he is all grown up now - or at least he thinks he is. He is 15.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I think this is supposed to be the last day of our nice Indian summer weather. Hope not although we desperately need some rain.If a fire got going it would be really tough.

Our Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club met this evening. We had a good meeting. Had an enthusiastic new member come. Don. He has 2 free Kiger mares to give to the right person. Neither is broken to ride but very gentle. If anyone is interested let me know and I can give you his cell phone number. They are 2ND. generation horses, not branded. The club is not making any decisions about next year until our January meeting. We will not be meeting in November as our meeting day is Thanksgiving Day. In December we encounter the same problem so we decided to have a Christmas party on Dec. 13Th. at my house.

Tonight when I put Dixie and Ditto in I wished I had my camera with me. I called the girls in and Yuma (the burro) started for the barn at a gallop. They came after him and passed him up but he wanted to be in and get something special too. After I put the mares in, I took him out a handful of packer pellets and put them in the feeder for him. He was disdainful however and stomped back out to the pasture. He wanted in the barn. He is so funny.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A strange day. I slept in some. That was in itself was strange. I am not a real early riser but usually earlier than 8:30 and that is when I woke up. I would have probably slept longer if Skeeter had not been crying to get out of his crate.

Met my friend Helen for lunch. We had some Washington State Horsemen Steward rules to talk about. Not that we need an excuse to have lunch. Wanted some rules cleared up in my mind before going to convention in 2 1/2 weeks. Think I do now. I get so frustrated with myself when I know something is in the rule book but I can't find it. Helen and I are a 2 person support team. She works more than I do but that's OK.

I so wished I had a camera of my mares coming running when I called them again tonight. They can run like the wind when they know what is waiting for them. Dixie got sidetracked when she got up to the barn because Tyler was inside the pasture working on the fence. She wondered what he was doing inside her pasture. I put a hay string around her neck and she followed me into the barn. Ditto was already munching on her grain wondering what Dixie was doing still out there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is the scene we get in the evenings when the weather is nice. It is the main reason we don't want the property to ever be sold.

Well my mares who were so naughty -along with the others- earlier this week redeemed themselves. I don't give them grain during the summer but its time to start. Dixie has been coming in quite regularly but has always been a little of a twit about getting caught. Tonight they were all out in the very back corner of our place. I put their grain and vitamins in their stall feeders and went to the fence and called them. It took a couple of times for them to hear me. Ditto looked up and saw me with a can in my hand. She took off and Dixie was hot on her heels. They came running. Ditto went right straight to her stall and I put a hay string around Dixie's neck. I did not know if she would go to the right stall or not. I was so proud of them, I gave them each an alfalfa pellet. We will see how they do tomorrow.

Spent the day at the dentist. It will be a couple of weeks before I have to go back. I am glad I don't have to do the often.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Don't you love the fall foliage. This little group of trees is just down the road from us. You need to be careful driving by because deer hide in it and pop out in front of you occasionally.

Spent all afternoon at the dentist and have to go back tomorrow. I hate wasting this wonderful weather inside.

My blog entry yesterday was awful, too many pictures of Tom and my writing was off kilter. I don't know except I was really tired. Sorry.

Finally got both my mares in their stalls tonight to get their grain and vitamins. Last night Ditto really gave me the run around and I could not catch her even with treats. That has not happened for years. She has been my best horsey friend for a long time, but last night I did not like her too much. So, Dixie got her grain and vitamins and Ditto stayed out in the pasture. This evening Dixie was going to run but then you could see her thinking, Oh Oh, not get caught, no goodies and I walked right up to her. AND Ditto said I messed up and she followed us in and went meekly into her stall.

My Mustang and Burro Yahoo site friend Jill lost her old friend Smokey this week. It makes me sad. He was the same age as Ditto. I have been dreading that for several years now. Our condolences Jill. Makes our hearts hurt for you.

Just had a lengthy telephone conversation with a gal from Colville about mustangs. She wants to adopt in the spring. She and her boyfriend are coming to our Mustang Horse Club meeting on Thursday evening. Her name is Suzy. She had a lot of very good questions. She wondered if she could make the 6' pen out of vinyl covered cable? I don't think so but did not know for sure. Anyone know? I will have to make some inquiries.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Sunday

I don't know how 2 pictures appeared of Tom our youngest son. But here it is. The picture above is Seth who is 9 and Sheya who is 7 as of next Friday but they always celebrate it the Sunday before. Christy is their mother and our daughter in law. We love her. And the picture below is Ryan. He is almost 12. Such a sweet family.

Not much to write about today. We had a big birthday party. Christy's birthday is tomorrow. Our other daughter in law Debbie was there and her birthday is Wed. Also another one of our granddaughters birthday is Tuesday. Hope to have more tomorrow.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunny Saturday

This the the peak of our barn room this afternoon. It was so sunny and bright. I think I would have felt better if I had gone for a ride. But with Bob gone with the truck and no way to pull the trailer I pouted instead. I get tired of riding across the road.

I went shopping this afternoon for our birthday assault. I missed our son in laws birthday so got his gift, our son Tom's which I had not gotten yet and then this next week are 2 daughters in law and 2 granddaughters all in one week. Joel's wife Heather's was earlier this month also. Plus our anniversary. Sheya is into Hannah Montana so that wasn't too hard and Coreen will be 17 so she will get money. The adults are always more difficult when you are on a limited budget.

Have not heard from Bob yet. I know they don't have good cell phone coverage up there plus he is not thinking of me but of an elk.

Kind of a nothing kind of a day, Tyler worked for the neighbor and when she stopped by later had a nice little visit with her. She was riding her mule Skeeter. He is well over 16 hands. I know Dixie looks like a pony when we ride together. Joel came out and helped Tyler with a couple of things.

Gas was 2.55 when I went into Airway Heights. Can afford to drive to town once in a while now. Wish everything else would come down too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is on a wall in our house so we don't ever forget. Not that we would but I sure like the poster anyway.

Kind of a lazy day. Didn't do too much inside or out. It was a nice day. I did go out and catch Dixie and put her in for her evening treat. She is getting easier to catch knowing there is a treat at the end of the lead rope.

Bob worked with Rusty today. If he were going to be here tomorrow he would have saddled her but he is leaving to go elk hunting tomorrow. I would rather he got an elk than a deer but he will probably get one of those later. I will work with Rusty while he is gone but I don't know if I will get her saddled or not. If I had not sold my English saddle I would use it to saddle the first time. It was light weight. We do have a youth saddle that we have used on occasion to put on for a first saddle up. That's a thought too. I need one I can handle with one hand. I may be getting ahead of myself though because she hasn't liked me too much. It has gotten better but I am not high on her favorite people list.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A sunny Wednesday

These pictures are of Bob's second time with Rusty today. The first time he trimmed both of her front feet. Her left side was easy. She lets him take that foot all the time. The surprise was the off side front foot. It can be tricky but she gave it to him when he said "foot" and let him trim it. He did not file them, just used the nippers. The rasp will come next time. They sure look better.
Then he was outside about 3 and I was finishing up some chores in the house and my cell phone rang and it was Bob asking me to come down to the round pen and bring the camera so I did. He had a wonderful time on Pepper with her. She led the best she ever has and as you can see he did a lot over the back of her. At one point I thought he was going to slide his leg over but he didn't and I was glad. I don't want him hurt again. Three times since May is enough.
When he was done with Pepper I changed saddles and put mine on him, donned my helmet and went for a ride. Across the road is nothing too exciting to look at except deer tracks and gofer holes and an occasional badger hole but its close and just a relaxing walk. Pepper does not mind going by himself which is far different than when I did it on Dixie. She does not go alone well. Pepper does not much care, just don't make him hurry and he is happy.
So it was a good day, the laundry is folded, the kitchen is cleaned, I did some sewing, the sun shone and I feel good.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This was a beautiful fall day. The sky was beautiful. This morning it was cold. But warmed up as the day went on. With the going down of the sun it got cooler again. My picture today is Bob and Tyler doing some of the fall work. They got a lot done. Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice howbeit cool day so maybe they can get more done. I am glad Tyler is here or I would have had to been driving one of the tractors.

We were really worried about Rusty today. She did not eat good last night. Could find nothing that looked bothersome. Went all over her. Her gums looked good, her temp normal and she was pooping normally. Then this afternoon we was the Oliver (my goat) had not eaten his hay either. He had just picked at it. Must be something in the bale of hay. Bob set that bale aside and we opened another. Will see tomorrow morning if they ate their supper. Bob was up and down all night with Rusty but nothing showed up. She lays down a lot but is not colicing. We gave her extra salt because she did not seem to be drinking as much either. I imagine he will be up and down with her tonight too. I am glad she is gentled enough to touch her all over like that. Until we found Ollie not eating either I kept thinking of Arlene's horse with Pigeon Fever. Don't think that's it now. Or do goats get it too?

I am feeling good today. Made an apple cobbler last night and decided to try something a little different. I added a can of whole cranberries to it. It was so good. I say was because these two guys of mine attacked it with a vengeance. I got one small piece. I got the idea when I went to the Mennonite Sale a few weeks ago and they had some apple/cranberry pie for sale. It is really good.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rainy day and Monday

I am about to boot my computer out the window. I can not get it to load pictures at all this evening. I have six I wanted to load. I will try again in a while.
If any of you don't look at Spring Creek Basin Weblog, you should. She takes the most beautiful pictures of the mustangs in the wild. Spring Creek Basin is in southern Colorado I think. I love her pictures. Take a look at them. Also when he has time Matt at Pryor Mountain Mustangs has great pictures to.

I feel better today but it was in the house day. Bob tried to catch Dixie so she could get her grain and supplements but he could not do it. He is more frustrated about that kind of thing than I am. She may find herself in the round pen or the arena by herself. What a twit.
Well I got one to load so far. Maybe I don't have to kick it out the window. It might hurt my foot.
The bottom picture is Laura and her Arabian horse Mystic. Love that picture even if I did take it. The middle picture is of Tyler and Jim. The top picture is Cindy on Dolly. I think this will be all I can get loaded. I think there is a picture of everyone that rode.
Got kind of bummed today when Bob told me our good friends Bernie and Sherrie had called Saturday and asked if they could pick Bob and I up and go for a ride with them down toward Ritzville. Of course we were both busy and could not but any other day almost we would have loved to have gone. They thought they were moving to Montana soon but the job Sherrie had put in for a transfer to did not happen. I am sorry because they really want to move, but happy that they will still be here for a while. They are very dear to us.
Katie called today and is quite sick. I am sorry. Miss the Blondie around here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday evening

These are all the pictures my computer will let me load. Its dial up, what can I say. I will do more tomorrow.
The top picture is Andrea and her wonderful mustang Tonka. He is such a nice horse and does whatever she asks him. The next picture is Andreas friend Melissa who rode Andrea's horse Soxy. Soxy had some trouble with the hills but gave Melissa a nice ride anyway. The bottom picture is the group who went on our Mustang Club Ride. Of course not everyone rode mustangs but that was OK. We had fun on the horses. From the left Cindy on Dolly, Darlene on Jewel, Laura on Mystic, Andrea on Tonka, Melissa on Soxy, Tyler on Raven and Jim on Pepper. It was his first ever ride. Pepper took care of him just fine. I will try to get more to load tomorrow. I don't know whats up.
Of course I went on the ride too, someone had to take pictures, so I am not in any of them. Dixie was good and did well despite, bikes, hikers, dogs, cross country skiers on wheels and cars..Nothing too much shakes her up much. Unless its going off in a direction no one else is going and then she gets upset. I love my barefoot horse. She just goes and goes. I do need some shims in the front of my saddle though. Her withers are so high.
I came home from the ride and went right to bed after taking care of Dixie. I did not feel so good all day and by the time I got home I was downright miserable. I think it was a reaction to the flue shot. Feel better today but still have the headache and am super tired.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I wish I knew how to add the pictures and write about each one instead of them all loading in a row.
Here it is Friday already. Bob is away all weekend at a Search and Rescue weekend training. The bottom picture is what he accomplished with Rusty before he had to leave this afternoon. She did not mind it at all. Looked a little surprised at first but it was really no big deal. I have been messing with her mouth and that is no big deal either. I wish I knew about teeth and age of a horse. She is cutting teeth just a little behind the ones she had. Mares don't get wolf teeth do they. I think I heard that. I need to google it and see if I can figure it out. The bars of her mouth are much longer than our older horses. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
The second picture is Tyler resting (dozing). He is not the most ambitious 20 year old I have been around. It was sunny and warmer today and I did not blame him for catching a few winks while Grandpa was working the horse. He is good young man and Grandpa works him pretty hard most of the time.
The last picture is what Tyler was doing before he rested. My raspberries that I have asked for for several years. The people where the cows have been on pasture gave him a bucket full. I must remember to water them tomorrow.
Tomorrow is our Mustang Club sponsored ride. Ride any kind of a horse you have. We just are putting it on. Bring your lunch, a snack or whatever and come ride in Riverside State Park. Its free, just to have fun before the weather gets too bad. We will live the Trail Town Trail head at 11:00 AM. I wanted to get a trail map but that didn't happen. We will have a great day. Dress warm. See you there.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A new me

My shoulder length hair went away today. It was giving me some bad headaches. I pulled it back in a clip most of the time and I woke up with a headache. This will be easier to take care of. I am not too talented with hair. My hair is so terribly thick and heavy that growing it long just does not work. So anyway, this is the new me.

Dixie and I went for a little trail ride by ourselves this afternoon. She did not like going by herself at all. She kept stopping but went when I touched her sides with my heel. Didn't have to kick at all, just touch her. However coming home was a little more challenging. She wanted to hurry but I wanted to walk quietly. The quietly did not happen but we walked. She did not jig, just walked but she didn't want to. She can toss her head pretty good. When I was ready to cross the road to our driveway a car was coming so she had to stand for a minute and she pawed the ground and did the mustang snort but she did what I asked, just did not like it.

I put a different saddle pad on because it was on the top and we were only going to be gone a little while. I put my hand in under the gullet of the saddle to check it for some reason and found that saddle pad will not work. It is a cut back pad and the saddle was sitting on her withers. I felt bad. Her regular pad is thicker and the front six inches are built up. I will have to be really aware of that. She has high withers and has not put all her weight back since her teeth were done.

And I tried to 45 minutes to catch her. Tyler had to help me catch her. She is in a stall tonight. I was really mad at her. She has always been good with me. Not today. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I made a big pot of potato soup for supper tonight. It just felt like it. Its my favorite food I think.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This hangs on the corner of my house. At the start of the deck. I got it for Bob for Christmas a few years ago. The grand kids have fun ringing it.

A day of not accomplishing much. It was a very nice day and I should have gotten outside. Tyler and I drove over to the Riverside State Park ranger office late this AM to get a trail map. And, they were not there. There were other people that drove up and were as surprised as we were when no one was there. I wanted a map so we don't get lost Saturday. I don't think I will but then Bob didn't either one day he was riding there alone and ended up at Rivermere when the truck and trailer were on Old Trails Rd. I just wanted to be sure.

Then I brought Tyler home and I went to the Safeway in Cheney and got my flue shot. Last year I fiddled around until it was too late. I did not get sick over the winter but was worried. I have not been sick bad since I started getting the flue shot each year. With my tendency to get pneumonia even with the pneumonia shot that I will do what I need to to stay well.

Bob went up to Fruitland today to get our three steers that have been up there running with their mothers. They look great. The guy bought the cows a few months ago. The market is so low I think we will feed them this winter and sell them for meat. Have people asking us all the time for meat. We don't feed any commercial grain. We buy our grain right from the mill in Davenport. No additives at all.

No much with the horses today. Katie came and rode Abby. She is doing so well with her. She has been working with Abby on respect and cues. She even trotted her today without me having a lunge line on her. I was proud of her.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tuesday in the life of.........

Nothing to do with horses but we got a new back door today. I took the picture before the trim got put up. Our oldest son Steve came and did it for us. Bob is not a carpenter and does not have the patience. He always gets mad in the middle. So, Steven came and did it for us. I look at him and its hard to remember as my round little brown eyed baby boy. He is now 49. He broke his leg really bad on Fathers Day cutting wood. He still is having a hard time walking.

I worked with Rusty today for a while and groomed her. I brushed her all over, clear down her legs to her hooves and I used a mane/tail brush and brushed her mane free of snarls and then I brushed her tail. She stood there and let me. I was so proud of her. Her tail touches the ground. I got all the tangles out of it. The only part of her she objected to all all was brushing out that long forelock. Did not get it done as thoroughly as her mane and tail but did get it brushed some. She did not like that purple brush coming at her back. I kind of brushed it all to one side. When she let me do it once without trying to leave, I quit. I was pleased with our progress. She still does not like me but is tolerating me better.

Later Bob went down and she gave him both front feet and he used a hoof pick on them. Cleaned them out good. He will work on getting the back feet now. I did the hard work first. LOL. She was so glad it wasn't me she would have let him do most anything.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

I got a big laugh today when Katie brought Abby up to the front door show me something and Skeeter darted out and was going to protect me. He is a small poodle who is a clown and loves me a lot. Abby was really quite bored with the entire episode while Katie and I had a good laugh.

I had the scare of the year today. I did it to myself but it was still hard and made my legs shake. Praise God for honest people. I went to the Walmart in Airway Heights to pick up a few groceries this afternoon. I was worrying about some things and not really thinking. I got the groceries, paid for them and went to the car. Put the groceries in the car came home listening to an old CD of Emmy Lou Harris. When I went to get out of the car my wallet was not there. I had not taken my purse, just my wallet. My insides went into a rumble and I headed back to Walmart. I was sick at heart. All my credit cards, medical cards, all the stuff one carries. I went straight to where the cart had been left and they had taken them inside. With lead filled feet I went to customer service and asked. The manager came to the place I was and asked me to write my name out and anything else that may be of use. She smiled at me and took me over and got it out of a locked drawer. All my change, the 10.00 bill and everything else was just as I had left it. She was not sure who had turned it in but I am so grateful they did and my guardian angel was watching over me and mine even though I was careless and did not pay attention when I put the groceries inside the car.

So that is my story of the day. This was house day. I did my walk this morning. Am up to 2 miles in a little less than 2 hrs. It wasn't so cold and it was a fun morning to walk.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our 51st. Anniversary

When I think how young I was and now naive I was really about like 51 years ago when Bob and I were married in a large wedding. Many of those folks who are still with us were at our large 50Th. anniversary party a year ago. Now we are still going strong.

Today after church we went up to Greenbluff which is the apple center of this part of the state. It is Harvest Festival month. We went and looked at some very large pumpkin patches, laughed at the kids, saw some of the most beautiful produce. Picked up some large wooden crates under a free sign. Don't know what we will do with them but I will think of something. Then we went and looked at the new church building that our church is building. And went to dinner at the casino that is close to us. It was disconcerting that they are raising their prices tomorrow 2.00 a person. It was good.

Came home and lay down for a while and went out and cleaned a couple of stalls. They have not been used much of the summer but wanted them fresh cleaned and bedded. Next week Dixie and Ditto will come in for the night and get special feed. Dixie needs some additional weight and Ditto is old. When it starts to get really cold day and night, she has a winter blanket she wears.

Bob worked with Rusty for a while. Mostly on her off side. She thinks that is untouchable. He can touch her pretty well and she will lift her foot at the command "foot" but wont let him touch it. She will stand with it lifted for several seconds. Its kind of funny. Just time and patience.
This evening earlier we went to visit our friends Terri and Kurt Carstens who live in Reardan. We had a nice visit and we will be getting Target back in the spring to tune her up and maybe Blondie to start. Bob is a little leery but maybe by spring he will be over it. It was good to see them. Their children were have a wiener roast outside. Brrrrrrrrr. We declined and came home.
A good day, very pretty but cold.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A busy Saturday

This morning I drove to Ellensburg to the WSH Board meeting. I had been talking about mustangs for a long time but it took someone with a larger mouth and who everyone knows to get it going. As of January 1, 2009, there is a Mustang division in Washington State Horsemen.
All the details need to be worked out but the initial OK has been given. Now we need to find sponsors for year end awards. It will be a good thing for those who have mustangs and want to show their horses. The opportunities to show are pretty endless - Dressage, Western/English which includes reining, western riding, ranch horse classes - Gaming = Competitive Trail and Trails and Pleasure. All with year end awards that range from trophies to saddles. How fun is that. If you want more information, please get in touch with me. I would love to tell you all about the organization. As far as I am concerned, its vital, not just for the awards but we do have a legislative person who represents the horse industry with all the ups and downs that seem to plague us.

So now I have preached my little "sermon" today. I just feel passionately about the organization.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Windy Friday

No snow. NO SNOW. Am so glad the weathermen/ladies were all wrong.

I did not have to beg, we loaded up about 10 and went to Riverside State Park to ride. We went to the Trail Town trail head. Had not ridden out of there for a long time. We started out and followed Trail #E25. At the 4 mile marker I asked Bob if perhaps that was the 25 mile ride. AND he said nah, this is just trail #25. Well when we came to Trail #10 we decided to head back over toward the river. We jumped a group of mule deer. They were not terrible afraid of us, just wary.

We ambled over the flat part and came to one of the restrooms. Had a break and started off again. The sign said Bowl and Pitcher 1/2 mile so we started down that trail. Then we came across a trial sign that said Trail #25 and mile marker 20. It was the 25 mile trail. My body would not have made a 25 mile ride. Bob's either I don't think. So we followed it down, encountered some bicycles. They come so quietly that it is hard for the horses especially when they come up behind you on a one track trail. We got over to the side and turned them to face him and he shot on by. Pepper of all horses shied and jumped around, Dixie just watched him go by.

The closer we got to the Bowl and Pitcher, the more people we encountered on foot and on bikes. It was OK though. We went down a trail that might have been scary for someone not used to skinny shale filled trails but we made it OK. Dixie takes good care of me. We figured we rode about 10 miles all together. It was a good day. Not much wind down in the canyon under the trees. Riding along the river there were a lot of geese floating along. They looked so pretty. I did not take my camera on the trail though.

Bob rode Pepper because when he caught Raven and tied her to the hitch rail and was brushing her, she has a huge hemotoma on her shoulder. Probably the result of a bite or kick. Will look at it again in the morning. He loves to ride Pepper though. We put splint boots on him nice and snug to give that tendon a little extra support.

The rest of the day was kind of lazy. The wind was soooo cold. Dixie got to spend the rest of the day in her stall with a can of grain and alfalfa hay for supper. She loves the special attention. We came upon an apple tree. Nice big tart apples on it. We all took one to eat and when I was done I stopped her and bent her head around gave her the apple core. The rest of the day she kept stopping and bending her head around looking for another. She was sweet about it but I couldn't let her keep doing it. She knew I had treats in my pocket too. She takes such good care of me.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A really cool day

The top picture is a real wahoo. Bob picked up, rather he said "foot" and she gave it to him. He has been working on picking up her feet with a rope. In another few days he will be able to trim those front feet. They are pretty bad. Her hinds are just fine but not the front. She is coming along so well for him. I did walk up to her after she went to her safe corner. I rubbed her all over on both sides just holding the halter. Kind of a feat really because I had the camera too. the second picture is just her head. Isn't that forelock something. She hides behind it. I have pushed it out of her eyes and she does not like it. I love it.
The bottom picture is of Dixie. She is gaining weight and looking good since having her teeth done. Still am feeding her special though. We are supposed to get a skiff of snow tonight - that is right - SNOW. If we do Ditto will get her blanket on and she will go in at night too. She is old and gets pampered a lot.
If there is no snow in the morning we are going to Riverside SP to ride with Katie for a while. I wish I could drive the truck. I just never have. I know how to drive a stick but just hate it. If Bob doesn't want to go, Maybe I will give it a try if Katie promises not to laugh. I have wanted to ride all week but its been one thing or the other and haven't. Maybe if I tell Bob I am going to do it on my own he will be so scared he will go. Suppose?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wind wind go away

This was an awful day. Forty mile an hour sustained winds. Bob and Tyler tried to work on the new shed but the roofing was like a giant kite and one of them was going to get hurt so they left that job for another day.

Bob worked with Rusty for a long time this morning just loving on her and petting and rubbing her all over. She let him without a fuss and even after he took the lead rope off her. She is really going to be his horse.

I hardly went out today, I did my one and half mile walk first thing this morning. I should get extra points for one way because the wind was in my face. I got a big blister on my toe though and that hurts.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Katie and Tyler had a good time this afternoon on the ponies. I don't think Rosie has been ridden in a year. I looked out and they were tearing across the field across the road. They are both tall and riding ponies is hysterical. I think Katie is 5'10 and Tyler is over 6'. I need to hitch Rosie to a cart and go for a drive. She loves to do that.

It was a grey, overcast, ugly day. Don't think it rained however. Monday is my house day so did nothing outside. If I don't designate a day to do stuff, Iput it off. Housekeeping is not my strongest asset. I would rather muck stalls.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Let me introduce you to Miss Sheya Christyne Williams who just happens to be our horse loving, horse riding granddaughter. She is riding Sequoia. He is a do it all for anyone pony. Sheya has been riding him by herself since she was 4. She is now 6. Today she and Katie rode bareback and had a really fun day. Sheya told me she was teaching Katie to ride. What a fun day to watch the girls playing and laughing and riding. Katie was so good with her, it was great. There is not an ounce of fear in Sheya with the horses. Wish they could come out more often so she could ride often. Her parents only live in Spokane but with gas, Christy's job working graveyard, and four wheelers they don't come out so often.

Nikki worked with Rusty today. She had not met her before. Rusty did not appreciate Nikki any more than she does me. Maybe less. Nikki is our oldest daughter and the mother of Tyler who lives with us. He and 5 other boys. She does well with horses and I wish she lived in eastern Washington so she could help with them. She is a very good rider. She and her friend Rita both live in Marysville and came here to visit after out time at the Mennonite Auction yesterday.

Jim and Kathy Spring stopped by today too. They brought a couple of bales of hay for Bob to look at. And to visit. Jim is going to Austin, Texas for a job interview the end of the month. I know he needs a job BUT I don't like the idea of them leaving here. Very good people and committed to the mustangs.

Lots of other family here today but won't bore you with all of them. It was a good day. It is very cold this evening. It feels like fall is here with a vengeance and winter is knocking at the door.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A rainy grey Saturday

Today was a non horse day for me. I met our oldest daughter and her friend Rita in Ritzville and we went to the Mennonite Country Auction. It was interesting. Lots of good food for sale. I missed the bread, it was gone by the time I got there. I did get a very good piece of blackberry pie though. The soup for lunch was good and New Years Cookies are out of this world. I want to know how to make them. The quilts were beautiful that they auctioned off but really out of my price range. Some of them went for over $2,000. The wind was awful but it only rained once to amount to anything. I was so glad I came back in and got my heavy winter jacket.

Bob and Tyler went on a Back Country Horsemen trail ride over in Kingston, Idaho today. My back would not have managed a 3 hrs. trail ride today but they had a good time and then had a steak dinner. Tyler ate so much he brought his cake home and ate it after they got here. Rusty had the day off. She will get a good workout tomorrow.

It was hard to believe today that on Wednesday it was 85. Maybe that is why it felt so cold today. If the wind is not blowing so tomorrow I am going to try my back out and ride a little. Sometimes it helps.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Do you think I have a thing about photographing the horses eyes? This is Rusty's and she did not much the camera that close and it flashed besides. I took a long string of pictures until she quit jumping.

I worked with her today. I got one front foot picked up and touched the sole of it. The other front foot was hers and I didn't get it. I would have done better but Bob was there telling me how to do it. It made me prickly. I know how.

She did let me walk up to her and pet her shoulder and neck and take a hold of her halter. That was a first time for that. She does wonderful in the round pen on a 30' line changing directions. She does that for me as well as Bob. She is such a nice little horse.

The other horses are fine. Riding Lena hurt my back. Makes me mad. She was so rough. I thought Dixie was but she is smooth as can be compared to that big mare. I wanted to ride today but didn't get there. Maybe Monday. If the weather is decent maybe the three of us can go to Riverside SP for a while.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1

This is the view out my kitchen sink window. Its pretty isn't it. Looks like October. I would like to visiting my sister in Tennessee when the leaves change. It is as pretty as the NE. I guess anyway. Have never been to the NE at leaf changing time. But I have been in Tennessee and it is beautiful.
Lena was really naughty when the people came to look at her. I wouldn't have bought her either. I need to spend some real quality training time with her if they want to sell her. Katie thinks if she had been here it would have been different but it would not have been. Lena did not like the gal for some reason AND she was a timid rider. That was enough to make her grab the bit stick her nose up and was naughty. I will have to ride her every day and I did not want to do that. Its Katie's project but she has to go to school and she doesn't have the know how to get that head down and nose in.
Bob had a very successful day working with Rusty. He was able to pick up and hold both her front feet for a few seconds. He leaned on her and hugged her over her neck and withers. AND she did come up to me when I reached out to pet her thru the fence. That was big progress in my eyes.