Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Busy Day

Rocky. He leads well and was not too hard to catch. We have separated the ponies though because he definitely is head honcho. Very sweet.
Stella. I think she is going to grow to about 12 hands if measuring their legs is correct and it has been before. When we got her caught and a halter on her she lead well too. She is going to be grey I think, she has grey coming in around her eyes and nose. That is where most grey horses start changing.

We went down to Shannon's to take some things down to her and she just was coming out from helping this mama have triplets. The one closest to me is a girl, the other two are boys. They are not even dry yet. Less than an hour old.

I just thought this little one was so cute. I just love baby goats but I don't want another one. Shannon keeps trying to give one to me. I think Shannon's goats have produced about 20 babies.

We worked with the ponies, and both of us worked with Emma. She likes Bob best, took him a couple of minutes to be rubbing her shoulder. We have got to get a halter on her but that just wigs her out. We will be working with her. I just can't send her back to her owner because he will just shoot her. So she is tough but we will keep at her.

We worked on fences around the Arena today so I can turn Sage out. The fence on the border with the neighbor is not as secure for her than I would like. We may put panels down that side. I did put her out there for a while when I was out there. She needs to be able to get more exercise and move around. Her pen is not too small but she needs to be able to run and buck if she doesn't try to get through the fence.

Had a marvelous service this morning at church. Next Thursday - May 5th. - is the National Day of Prayer. Our church is having three services.