Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still old pictures but a good day

Didn't he have a cute face.
A few winters ago.


Yuma the day we brought him home from the adoption. He was so cute.



I will need someone to take pictures working Sage again. Today I did not ride but worked her into a sweat. She got things pretty good. Yesterday was not the best day but today she did excellent. The things we have been working on down pretty good. She is so smart.

Church was so good this morning. Pastor spoke about preparing ourselves and our world for the next generation. We are blessed with a very much multi generational church. Lots of young people and lots of older people and tons of kids. Enjoyed it and the fellowship we enjoy so much.

I took Sheya her gift and got my purse. Sheya loved her gift and had a nice chat with dil Christy. I still felt so silly.

Blessings this beautiful Sunday evening.