Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it Snow

Well, not really. However this little guy, the newest addition to our household thinks it snowed just for him. He belongs to Tyler and weighs all of 2 1/2 pounds. His name is Bolt. He is entertaining.

I woke up with a ghastly headache. Got up ate and took Tylenol and crawled back in. Slept a while and got up and have been just hunky dory. However I stayed in the house until this evening when we had to go to the store. I would not have gone shopping for anything this morning. Nothing I needed that bad. That would have been the case even if I had awoken with no headache.

A very lazy day otherwise. I should have got the sewing back out but that will have to come tomorrow. I watched Gonzaga play Maryland and win today and then turned on the WSU game and listened to the last 3 minutes. They won too. So sports wise, it was a successful day.

I should have taken a picture of the snow but didn't, and they say it will rain tomorrow.

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