Saturday, December 6, 2008


Six Horses eating - well ones a donkey but who cares. There are six eating. From the top down is Rosie my driving pony and kids pony and whatever I ask of her, Then is Yuma - our donkey. He is just a pasture pet and loves attention. Next is Sequoia who is for sale and is a wonderful kids pony. He gets ridden by a lot of kids and had been used for lessons. Next is Abby - Katie's horse. Liberty is next and loves attention then is Raven who will halter herself if you would let her when you go in the pasture. She thrives on attention. She is Bob's main riding horse. Pepper, Dixie and Ditto live in the barn at night. Pepper because he is a glutton and chases everyone else off and gets way fat. Dixie because she is not an easy keeper and need to watch that she gets extras of some things, and Ditto because she is the Grand Dame of the place and just gets to be in because she is Ditto.

I am writing early today. We have a very busy day ahead of us and our Back country Christmas party this evening. So you got me early........Hope your day is wonderful.


  1. Hi Lea- I've nominated you for an award. Come to my blog and see. Barbara

  2. I love the picture! Nice to see them all together. Well, almost all of them. :)

    Hope you're having fun at the party!