Monday, February 11, 2013

Coyote Lakes Ice Cream AKA Cody leaves later this week to his new home in Ephrata.  I am praying he does well for the guy.  Now if Peanut Butter and Stella could go we would be in good shape.

I am sorry for the porn picture that showed up on some peoples computers.  It did not show up on mine or my girls but I have been told it was there by two or three others.  I don't know how it got there, who hacked in and put it there or how to get it off if I can't see it.  Ticks me off big, I would never do that.  Sorry.

I had my eyes checked today and my left eye has deteriorated some.  Have a new prescription.  I had a hard time picking out frames.  I wanted something kind of funky.  Its so hard for me to pick out frames.  They are black with some stuff on the ear pieces.  I got sun glasses made too.  Those frames are purple.  They will be ready on the 19th.  I knew the ones I have were not right.  And I hated the frames as soon as I got them.  I have a loo loo headache tonight so I am headed for bed early.  Every time they dilate my eyes then shine a bright light in them my head feels like it is blowing off.  It will be gone tomorrow. 

Worked on my Snowball quilt some and started my horse one because I need some guidance on the Snowball one.  I am going to go visit Vikki tomorrow.  She will get me headed straight.

Ground is showing through.  Gosh things under where the snow has been looks gross though.  We will have some cleaning up to do when its all gone.  I mostly want it gone in the round pen and the arena but of course that is not melted and its icy.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.