Saturday, September 21, 2013

 Chemmy and Yuma eating their supper.  Yuma thought I was going to try to catch them I think.  Chemmy looks like I dare you to take our supper.  All I wanted was a picture of them together.
 If you are on my Face Book you have seen this picture.  It is probably my favorite picture ever of Sage and I.  Julie at Columbia River Equine Center/Tack Store in Irrigon, Oregon took it while I was visiting and riding Sage.  She just did awesome.  I was a little nervous at first but not Sage.  She just walked along like the awesome horse that she is.  I can't wait to get her home.  Our big blue truck died this week and we had to buy another one because we must have a truck.  Now we can go get her.  I can not wait.
 Our Grandson is #8.  He plays on the 9th grade team and does a spectacular job on special teams.  Seth is a good boy and we are proud of him.
The full moon Thursday night.  I was driving home from Seth's game and could not help but stop and take a picture.  It made it just about as bright as day.

Besides the death of Big Blue this week was pretty uneventful.  We knew something was wrong but it was really really wrong.  The transmission, shocks, the entire front end and it will cost more to fix it than what we paid for the new one.   It is really beat up too.  Used hard and put away wet as the saying goes.