Sunday, August 23, 2009

lSunday continued

I don't know why things got all botched up. The computer just cut me off. Oh well.

The last picture is Wrangler in the trailer just before we pulled out with him for the ride home.

Not an especially relaxed weekend. With bee stings ect. It was good to see our son in law today and our grandson and family and Tom's Ryan came out to drum with Joel. It was fun to play with Lili and good to visit with the others. Tomorrow I will start painting the insides of cupboards. I won't get as much on me as Nikki and Lenna did though. And even if I did no one will be standing over me with a camera. LOL.


Lilliana is our great grandaughter. She was jumping on the trampoline - one her knees - She is such a pistol. We have such fun when she comes out. She loves to swing on the swing.

This is Wrangler. He is mighty ticked off to be in the round pen by himself but we wanted him to settle in a bit before we put him out. He knows us and our horses. He wondered what Rusty was doing and why Cody was there but he introduced himself and all is well.

Tomorrow he will go out with the other horses. Pepper is going to have to adjust