Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

What a way to start the year. This picture was taken out my dining room window - I opened the window and leaned out to take the picture. I know its a little lop sided but I was holding the camera, grabbing Skeeter and the wanted to go out of the window and try to not get agitated at Trouble the cat for trying too. But you can see the mess slipping off the roof.

Thank you Barbara for drawing my name - The Serenity Room -. When the scarf gets here I will have Bob take a picture of me and the scarf. I have found what I want to give away at a drawing here. But I want to finish it first. It is a series of short little stories about a ranch somewhere near Bend, Oregon that rescues horses and children and pairs them up and they help each other heal. I remember buying it several years ago and put it up and promptly forgot about it. I was going thru the bookshelf today and there it was. When I started it, I knew that was what I wanted to give. There is that big but though, I want to finish it and figure out how I am going to do it. It is called Hope Rising by Kim Meeder.

I just laid around today not doing much at all. Andrea gave me a wonderful idea on her blog - Mustang Saga - clean, recondition and polish my saddle and bridle. Maybe then when I finish those I will start on the others. I love my saddle though. It needs to go in to have some work done on it but I don't know now when it will get there. It is still very useable, just needs some upkeep before riding season really gets here. That will give me something to do. It does not sound like the weather is going to improve all that much.

A second Walmart had to close abruptly today because of the snow on the roof, if you live around here you know Roseaurs (large grocery store) roof collapased on Francis and the one ways, 2 buildings at the fair have caved in. Our cow shelter would be down by morning had Bob not shoveled it today. The south side of our barn needs it too but Bob came in just exhausted and could not do that. I worry about him shoveling so much. It had better be standing in the
morning. I think it will, just has slid off the high part of the barn on to the lower part and its pretty deep.

I lit all the candles sitting around today. Love candles. They brighten my spirits.