Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I know I have been gone for a while.  First just life gets in the way of things I want to do.  The dark days of winter are very difficult for me.  I find myself in a big slump that gets bigger as the dark days go on.  Now with 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground its been worse.  However, we had some surprise sun today.  I did get outside for a bit.  That helps.

Secondly, while at the Yoga class I have been going to, I got suddenly very dizzy and fell flat on my face.  I think I might have passed out, I don't know but I know I could not move for a bit and my nose was bleeding like a faucet.  No one could have better friends than Lisa and Jen who got me up and out of the room.  Lisa went back and cleaned up the mess.  I was very embarrassed,   I did not go straight to the doctor and I should have.  When Bob forced me to go because I was vomiting one time after the other for 2 days.  I have a  concussion - surprise - but nothing is broken.  They gave me something for the nausea and that really helped.  Today is the first day I have not had to take it at any time.  I lost a few pounds not eating but I am sure it will come back. 

Tomorrow I lead the Bible Study and Bob won't turn me lose with the car so he will drive me.  Bless his heart.  We girls have a good time studying, crying, and laughing together. 

The picture is Rusty.  She wanted more carrots.  I took a handful of carrots for the rest of the horses and 2 big apples for my Princess Sage.  If I was all over from the thunking of my head I would have ridden her today.  But, Bob was not home and I think he might have gotten upset to come home and find me on her back.  Soon though, SOON.

I hope I can keep up better with this page.  Still am having trouble with picturess.  Need a grandson to come and spend the day.  Blessings.